BBA: Course Level & Student Standing

Core Courses: BBA students are expected to take all core courses in their proper sequence and assigned section.  Please select this link to view core curriculum.

Elective Courses: Students should plan to register for most electives during their Junior and Senior years.  Some specific elective courses may be open to Sophomore students to enroll on a term-by-term basis.  Student standing with regards to Ross electives is based on year in BBA program not earned credits.

  • 200 Level Courses: Sophomore BBAs are eligible to take 200 level courses.
  • 300 – 400 Level Courses: 300 and 400 level elective courses are generally restricted to Junior and Senior BBAs. Please check with an advisor or the Ross Registrar’s Office to find out which electives are available to Sophomores this term.
  • 500 – 700 (Graduate) Level Courses:  BBAs may enroll in one Ross graduate-level course during their BBA career, if the following conditions are met:
    • Student must be in their Senior year of the BBA program and have earned at least 90.0 credits toward their program before the graduate-level class.
    • GPA for all work attempted at Ross must be at least 3.300.
    • The graduate-level class cannot be a core course from any Ross graduate program.
    • The class cannot be one for which a close approximation exists at the BBA level.
    • Student should request written approval from the instructor of the class. The instructor should send this approval via e-mail to the Ross Registrar’s Office ( Instructors may only admit BBA students into graduate-level courses if space is available after graduate students have had ample time to register.  A student must meet any criteria determined by the department offering the course in addition to the criteria above.  Instructors cannot override the criteria above and the final decision to allow a student to take the course rests with the Academic Standards Committee.

If all these conditions are met, the Ross Registrar’s Office will process the permission to admit the BBA student into the graduate-level class. BBA students who wish to take more than one graduate-level class must discuss their plans with their academic advisor and will need approval from the Academic Standards Committee.

Non-BBA Undergraduates wishing to take graduate-level business courses must also meet the above requirements. Non-BBA Undergraduates who wish to take more than one graduate-level business course must get permission from the Ross Registrar’s Office. 

Note: Graduate-level classes may be graded on a non-letter grading scale. For undergraduate students taking graduate-level classes, the non-letter grade will be translated to a letter grade on the student’s transcript according to a translation table based on the home school of the student.  Contact the Ross Registrar’s Office ( with questions about how these grades might convert.