Grade FAQs

We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about grades and submitting grades. Still have questions? Contact us at, stop by K3521, or call 734-647-4933.

Q. When can I start entering my grades?
Grade rosters are run every Friday for any class that has an end date within the prior week. An automated email is sent to instructors once grade rosters are available for their class.

Q. My grade roster is missing a student – how do I submit his/her grade?
Students who forget to formally add your class to their schedule or who add the class extremely late often won’t show up on the grade roster. Send the student and grade information to the Ross Registrar’s Office and we’ll follow up with the student about adding the class and submit an SGR with the grade.

Q. My grade roster has a student listed who wasn’t in my class – what should I do?
Students sometimes forget to formally drop classes they are no longer attending. If you think the student either never attended, or stopped attending after the first few sessions, you can assign an “NR” grade. If the student attended a more significant portion of the class, we recommend assigning an “I” grade. In both instances please also notify the Ross Registrar’s Office of the student’s name, class/section and when he/she stopped attending class (to the best of your knowledge). We’ll follow up with the student and the Central Registrar’s Office to have them formally dropped from the class.

Q. I have a non-MBA student in my class – what grade should I assign for him/her?
Our MBA/MAcc level classes are all set up with our grading basis so it will ONLY let you assign the grade codes for that grading scale. The other schools (i.e. Rackham, Engineering, etc.) on campus have determined a translation for Ross grades into their grading scale (A-E) so after you enter the grade for that particular student (as EX, GD, PS, LP) it will automatically translate the grade to the appropriate letter grade. Please note that the translation is determined by the other school and can vary between schools.

Q. I submitted my web grades, but students still can’t see their grades – what’s wrong?
Did you “APPROVE” your grades? Grades aren’t officially posted until the “Approval Status” is changed to “Approved” and the page is saved. If you haven’t received a confirmation email – the grades have not been approved.

Q. I approved my grades but students still say they’re not showing up. Now what’s wrong?
Approving grades does not immediately post them for students. Approved grades are typically posted overnight – so students often won’t see the grades until the following day. If it seems to be taking longer, reconfirm that they were approved, and contact our office.

Q. I’m extremely late submitting my grades and now the system is showing “ED” for each student and won’t let me enter the correct grades – what’s up?
Approximately three weeks into the next term, missing grades are lapsed to ED unless we receive a specific request in advance not to lapse the grades. Once this occurs, any grade changes will need to be submitted via an SGR.

Q. Why does the Ross Registrar’s Office keep pestering me to get my grades in?
The University’s policy is that grades should be submitted 72 hours after the final exam. We know you’re extremely busy and sometimes grade deadlines fall at inconvenient times (especially the holiday season), but here are some reasons to keep in mind for submitting your grades in a timely manner:

  • Degree Conferral: Our office needs all grades for graduating students in order to validate and confer their degrees.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Part-time students often need grades in order to receive tuition reimbursement from employers
  • Course Evals: Instructors who have not submitted grades will not receive their course evals until grades are submitted. If you’re a department chair, this could hold up evals for your entire department!
  • Corporate Recruiting: Companies recruiting our undergraduate students are likely to require student transcripts/GPAs in their interview decisions. Timely grade entry of Fall grades is particularly important for Junior BBAs entering Internship recruiting in early January.
  • Your peace of mind: Delaying too long can mean you get bogged down with the start of the next term and are even more overburdened trying to submit grades while teaching a new class. If you do have extenuating circumstances and do not think you will be able to get your grades in on time, we appreciate your letting us know an approximation of when you think you will have them in, so we can relay this information to students who contact our office.