MBA/MAcc/MSCM/MBAn: Course Level & Student Standing

  • 100-300 Level Courses: MBA, MAcc, MSCM and MBAn students may not receive credit for undergraduate courses, with the exception of Foreign Language coursework. (MSCM students should check with their program director regarding foreign language courses.) Note that Executive MBA and Weekend MBA students do not have access to take undergraduate foreign language coursework.
    • Credit for undergraduate language courses is awarded on a 2 for 1 credit basis. For example, a 4 credit undergraduate language course would earn 2 graduate credits. Students must achieve a course grade of B or better. There is a maximum of 6 graduate credit hours that may be earned through undergraduate language study. These credit hours are not included in calculation for academic honors. Students must submit a form to the Ross Registrar’s Office requesting to receive credit for undergraduate language courses
  • 400 Level Courses: Because some 400 level courses are approved for graduate study, Full-time MBA, Evening MBA, MAcc, MSCM, and MBAn students are allowed to take up to a maximum of six credit hours of 400 level graduate courses in their entire degree program. Students must check the Rackham Graduate School website to confirm if a 400 level course is listed as graduate level.

    Some of these approved 400 level courses may require that a graduate student do more work in the course in order to earn graduate level credits. This may vary from course to course. Even when extra work has not been completed, however, if a course is marked for graduate level, its grade and credit hours will compute into a student’s GPA.

  • 590 Level Courses: Ross courses numbered between 590 and 599 are core courses for the Global MBA program and are restricted to those students only.
  • 800-900 Level Courses: 800 and 900 level courses are graduate courses primarily intended for doctoral candidates. Refer to each course listing for specific requirements.
  • EMBA and WMBA Courses: These courses are restricted to the Executive MBA (EMBA) and Weekend MBA (WMBA) students respectively.