Mitsui Center Summer School

August 9-12, 2021

*Please note the change in dates

University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Mitsui Center Summer School on Structural Estimation in Corporate Finance

The goal of this four-day program is to teach young scholars the tools they need to understand and conduct corporate finance research using structural estimation. The target audience is advanced Ph.D. students and professors in finance and related fields. We will take a practical, hands-on approach that focuses on tools. Topics will include numerical methods for solving models, simulation estimators, identification challenges, and a review of the literature. Participants will attend lectures for the first half of each day, then spend the second half applying the material to a mini-research project. The project involves solving and estimating a simple dynamic model. By end of the week, participants will have done structural estimation, and they will leave with computer code they can use in their future research. Please visit the Schedule page for additional details.

ORGANIZERS: Toni Whited, University of Michigan  //  Luke Taylor, University of Pennsylvania


The program will take place on August 9-12, 2021 (*please note the change in dates) in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. The program’s format will be 100% virtual.

The program is generously supported by the Mitsui Life Financial Research Center at the University of Michigan’s Ross School.


Application is open to any Ph.D. student who has completed at least two years in the Ph.D. program by the time the summer school begins, and to any faculty member. Knowledge of programming is a prerequisite. We are open to participants from any field, but we expect participants to come mainly from the economics, finance, and accounting departments. For more information on applying to the summer school program please visit our Application and Registration page.