How to Forward Your Ross Phone to a Different Number

You can forward your Ross desk phone to another phone (home office, cell phone, etc.) to continue receiving calls when working remotely.

How to set up Call Forwarding:

  1. On the buttons located under the screen on your phone base, you should see one of the following choices “CFwdAll,” “FwdAll,” or “more”:
    1. Select either the “CFwdAll” or “FwdAll” if available. If not, select “more.”                                                                                                               
    2. After selecting the “more” option, select either the “CFwdAll” or “FwdAll” option. 
  2. After the beep, enter  9 + 1 + <area code – phone number> of the phone number you’d like to use for forwarding. This action will register the external number and forward your office line to it.
  3. Calls will appear on your desk phone screen as “To XXX-XXX-XXXX”
  4. You can press “Fwd Off” to end the call forwarding when you want.


Here is a video that represents one model of phone, but encapsulates the steps to set up call forwarding:

How to forward your Cisco Phone to an external number


Tips when using the call forwarding feature:

  • Your outgoing voicemail message on the forwarded phone will play for people who call your desk phone.
  • Voicemail messages are left on the forwarded phone
  • The forwarding remains active until it’s turned off on your desk phone. You will need to remember to “turn off” and “turn on” call forwarding. It cannot be programmed for specific days. 
  • When you are onsite, you should turn off the forwarding so your phone will reflect its location within the university emergency system.


Last Updated on April 11, 2022