Shining Ross Stars! "So friendly and helpful! Always has a smile on their face. Thank you!" "Amazing customer service!" "Helping others feel included and valued in a group" "Very welcoming and patient" "I so appreciate how you always include our team. You have a great ability to listen, reflect, and make others feel supported and included." "Extremely friendly and helpful" "You are always right on top of things, always available for any questions, and always with a smile on your face. Thank you!" "Always willing to shake knowledge with the team!" "Willingness to learn new things."

August Ross Star Recipients

Acknowledging the everyday excellence and hard work of our colleagues is very important. You can nominate a colleague at any time for a Ross Star. A certificate will be sent to their inbox with a message from you acknowledging the ways in which they have shined and made a difference.

Congratulations to our latest Ross Star Recipients! 

Mike Bice
Ashley Birch
Eric Borges
Peter Chopp
Kiali Curtis
Kerstin Flynn
Andrew Frazier
Erica Haughton
Ada Kalusha
Lisa Kolander
Marianne Markenstein
Sharron Michos
Tagy Phillips
Sue Ruehle
Annie Weaver
Xiaoju Zhang

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