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Ross Academic Technology works with Ross faculty and staff to optimize efficiency in teaching, research, and administrative needs. We facilitate assessments, data processing, feedback reporting, and application services, which include custom programmed solutions. Our focus is to standardize the quality of the faculty and student experience across programs and academic areas. 

Ask Us About:

  • Peer Feedback
  • 360 Feedback Assessments
  • Data Collection in the classroom
  • In-Class simulations
  • Interactive Online Quizzes
  • Data restructuring
  • PDF creation and automation
  • Automated Feedback Distribution and Displays
  • Program Evaluations
  • Student Feedback
  • Web Programming
  • Faculty and Staff Qualtrics Accounts

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Live Examples

Each example below allows the public to take a quiz and receive instant feedback via on-screen web displays and email. Our team collaborated with each client to develop a web based version of their assessments.

Sanger Leadership Michigan Model Quiz: This self-assessment is meant to give you a preliminary understanding of your leadership skills across the Michigan Model of Leadership (MMoL). Sample Report

Executive Educations Learning Insights Assessment: Identify the skills you or your organization need to get where you want to go with our Learning Insights Self-Assessment. Sample Report

Business+Tech Literacy Assessment: determine your current level of tech knowledge and skills, and receive tailored recommendations. Sample Report

Sue Ashford’s Power of Flexing Quiz: Once you complete the quiz, you will receive tailored information about your asking-giving styles and how you compare to others. Sample Report

Diagnosing Your Organizational Culture: This survey is based upon the Competing Values Framework and has been designed to assess an organization’s culture. Sample Report

Teaching and 360 Project Examples

Lending Game: Collaborating with Gwen Yu and Chris Williams from Accounting, we automated an in-class simulation, enhancing the student experience. Demo Simulation

Negotiations Data Collection: In partnership with Sue Ashford from Management, we streamlined data collection for class activities, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

BCOM Competencies: Collaborating with Andrea Morrow from Business Communication, we designed a tool for course waivers, merging data and automating feedback reports.

Values Feedback: Collaborating with Chris White from Management and Organizations, we facilitated a 360-degree feedback process for students to collect feedback about how they embody leadership values.

We facilitate 360 and peer feedback technology across the Ross School of Business. Take a look at the different types of assessments that we facilitate for faculty, centers, and units. 360 Feedback | Peer Feedback

Do you have any questions? Please email RossAcadTech@umich.edu

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