Access your U-M Qualtrics account at http://umich.qualtrics.com/

Qualtrics is an online survey platform and tool with features including survey creation, distribution, analysis, and storage available to all U-M faculty, staff, and students. For more information about the U-M Qualtrics license, please go to Qualtrics at U-M

Qualtrics is restricted to university-related work. Our campus agreement does not cover casual, non-coursework surveys, projects for non-UM organizations, uses for private business, or personal use not related to the university.

Using Qualtrics with your U-M credentials means that you agree to use the survey tool only for projects related to Ross research, coursework, club activities, or administrative work. You cannot use the survey tool for commercial purposes or for summer internships. “Spamming” mass email lists (e.g., the entire University, “all-Ross” lists, etc.) is not allowed. Faculty and staff accounts remain active for the duration of employment at Ross.

Accessing Your Qualtrics Account:

U-M Students, faculty and staff should follow this URL to access your U-M Qualtrics account: http://umich.qualtrics.com/. Qualtrics accounts are automatically created the first time you visit that URL.

Self-help guides are available here: Qualtrics Survey Platform Overview or Qualtrics Basecamp self-paced training.

Students and non-Ross affiliates Seeking Guidance or Help:

Students and non-Ross affiliates should contact ITS at 4HELP@umich.edu or 734-764-HELP (734-764-4357). Ross Academic Technology only has access to Faculty and Staff accounts. Students should seek help from the ITS service center (4HELP) because ITS has U-M schoolwide access to Qualtrics accounts.

Ross Faculty and Staff Seeking Guidance or Help:

The following instructions only apply to Faculty and Staff at the Ross School of Business. Any questions about using Qualtrics from Ross faculty and staff should be directed to RossAcadTech@umich.edu.

Shared Access

If your Ross unit needs shared access to surveys, please contact Ross Academic Technology to set up a Qualtrics Group for your unit. The benefit of using Qualtrics groups is that surveys and contact lists do not need to be reshared when someone is added or removed from the group. When someone leaves the group, they lose access to the group items. When someone new joins, they automatically gain access to the group items.

Best practice is to share every survey with the group using the address book when collaborating. The group should appear at the top of the list. Sharing with the group will allow everyone in the group to edit and download results. The owner is the only person who can collaborate or delete the survey. To edit Qualtrics group membership, you will need to contact RossAcadTech@umich.edu.

Collaboration at U-M:

When you wish to collaborate on a survey with another U-M user, please use the address book instead of email addresses to add U-M collaborators. If you use the address book and search for the uniqname of your collaborator, they will get automatically connected (umich Qualtrics username is uniqname#umich). Email addresses are not connected directly with Qualtrics accounts, so if you use an email address, it will require your collaborator to search their email for the collaboration code, ask them to navigate to the shared projects area of Qualtrics, and paste the collaboration code to gain access. Avoiding these steps by using the address book will save everyone time and effort.

Questions? Contact RossAcadTech@umich.edu if you are a Ross faculty or staff member requesting assistance with Qualtrics.