Welcome to Ross Faculty Support Services

Faculty Support is dedicated to providing skilled and creative administrative support to faculty at the Ross School of Business. We strive to excel in technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and initiative, and we are committed to customer service.

The Faculty Support staff consists of two groups of employees: Coordinators and Academic Area Administrators

Coordinators work in floor teams to provide administrative, classroom, and research support for the faculty located on each floor of the Ross Building. Faculty are not assigned individual coordinators, but are rather assigned to the floor team. There are several ways to contact and request services from the coordinators on your floor, but the best way is to contact them via your floor support’s email (listed below).

Academic Area Administrators provide support to faculty and area chairs on a department level and can assist with more specialized administrative tasks, such as hiring students, conference planning, and making large purchases. See below to find out who your Academic Area Administrator is and their email address.


Need day-to-day teaching and research support? Please see the Coordinator nearest you. 

Faculty Support Coordinator by floor:

Need to hire a student or make a large purchase? (These require specialized support.) Please see your Academic Area Administrator. 

Contact your Academic Area Administrator by department:
To email the entire group, use fsadministrators@umich.edu​

Have a general question or can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us at FSQuestions@umich.edu.


Contact Katy Reeves with any proctoring requests you have. In general, you will proctor your own class, but if you have more than one room, Katy is your go-to person. Please let her know as soon as you know or suspect you will need assistance.

SSD Accommodations:

For students who qualify for SSD accommodations (e.g. time and a half for exams/quizzes), you may contact the Special Accommodations Coordinator at RossAccommodationsCoordinator@umich.edu.

Support Services:

At the start of each term, coordinators work primarily on: Photo Rosters, Seating Charts, Tent Cards, Canvas Site preparation, and on a day-to-day basis they provide other types of services including (but are not limited to):

  • Textbook ordering
  • Supply procurement
  • Canvas: Maintain sites, upload assignments, etc.
  • Placing items on course reserve
  • Submitting materials to Kresge for student review/return
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Printing: in-house and offsite printing services
  • Attendance & grade tracking
  • Scantron grading
  • Visitor arrangements
  • Internet searches
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Answering questions, completing general office tasks, and finding contact information as needed throughout the term.