Welcome to the Michigan Ross Web Network

What is the Michigan Ross Web Network?

The Michigan Ross Web is a network of extranet websites. Some websites in the Michigan Ross Web Network are publicly available, while some require authentication to access using your UMICH credentials to log in and access content not available to the public. Michigan Ross Web provides resources and support to the Ross community in the creation of content managed websites.

Why was the Michigan Ross Web Network created?

The creation of the Michigan Ross Web Network was to provide a unified network of Michigan Ross websites for Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff to locate relevant information relating to Michigan Ross Academics, Financial Aid, Student Life, Career Development, Hospitality, Ross Information Technology, Ross Style Guide information, and more.

The platform provides a suite of website creation tools for internal units/departments to manage content and information updates provided to the Ross community. The network was created in order to house the websites migrated from our self hosted Drupal instances, to a new self hosted WordPress instance, with improved tools and support to help create and manage content throughout the Ross community.

iMpact Migration Project

The iMpact intranet web portal hosts a variety of Ross-specific applications and services as well as serving as a launching point for various Ross department websites. The current websites listed below were built using Drupal CMS and will be reaching their “end of life” by the end of November 2023.

Throughout 2022, Ross IT will be migrating these Drupal websites to a new WordPress CMS instance by the end of November 2022. These changes will only affect the listed Ross websites below, all other iMpact applications, e.g., Ross Directories, Room Reservations & Events, etc. will continue to operate as normal and will not be migrating to a new platform at this time.

Our guiding principles for these upgrades are:

  • Simplicity – the new infrastructure will be easy to implement and grow
  • Flexibility – the new infrastructure will be flexible and adaptable for future growth
  • Sustainability – the new infrastructure will be supported in a sustainable way and will not require ever increasing amounts of staff time to maintain the current state 

The work will be broken out into phases. Ross IT will be reaching out to departments affected in advance to partner with them as we migrate to our new infrastructure.

Phase 1: February – May 2022

The following sections of iMpact will be migrating
to WordPress between March and May 2022:

  • Academics
  • Alumni Club Data Form
  • Faculty Support Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Hospitality
  • Ross IT
  • Ross Style Guide
  • Staff Recognition
  • Student life
Phase 2: July – November 2022

We will be migrating our remaining websites to WordPress between July and November 2022:

  • Alumni Club Resources
  • Ross Human Resources
  • Office of Tax Policy Research
  • Mitsui Life Financial Research Center
  • Ross Finance Office
  • Ross Green Team
  • Ross Insight

You will see a few changes to how the iMpact web portal navigation functions. 

What Changes Will I See?

You will see initial changes to the menus at the top of the iMpact webpages. Each subsite of iMpact will have its own top level menus. You can use the iMpact switcher menu in the upper left corner to return to the iMpact home page or jump directly to the other major subsite within iMpact.