Changes Coming to the iMpact Web Portal on June 5

What are we changing: we are creating a new Homepage, redesigning the menus, and adding new role-specific  pages for students, faculty, and staff. We are also improving how iMpact appears on mobile devices.

Why are we making these changes: Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni have unique needs and interests. Our goal is to provide a more intuitive experience to help you more easily access the information you need. 

When are we changing iMpact: we will switch over on the morning of Monday June 5

Keep reading for a sneak peek of what iMpact will look like starting June 5!

iMpact Web Portal Homepage

The new iMpact homepage layout is designed to provide you with quick access to audience-specific (student, faculty, staff, and alumni) landing pages with information and resources tailored for each audience. You can access the landing pages using the large buttons on the homepage. The Quick Start links on the right give you one-click access to our most commonly used tools and pages.

Sneak Peek of the new iMpact Web Portal Homepage

Screenshot of new iMpact Homepage

Landing Pages for Students, Faculty, & Staff

We have created new landing pages for students, faculty, and staff that will have audience-relevant content in one place. Once we go live, we will actively solicit feedback so we can refine the landing pages’ content and improve your experience.

New Menus for Each Audience

At the top of the page, you will see new audience-specific menus for Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni. Like the landing pages, each menu will feature the webpages and tools most relevant to that role. The new wide layout puts all menu items at the same level. You will have access to all menus regardless of your role. Your feedback on what to add, remove, or rearrange on the menus will help improve them for the whole community.

Sneak Peek of the New Global Navigation

Screenshot of Global Navigation Menu

Mobile Navigation

The new mobile navigation combines search, menus, and quick links in one place that resizes to fit the size of your mobile device.

Sneak Peek of New Mobile Menu

Screenshot of Mobile Navigation Menu

Thank You & We Welcome Your Feedback

We are really excited to introduce these improvements to iMpact Web Portal. We understand the importance of having easy access to the right information, and that’s why we are committed to continuously improving the iMpact Web Portal to better serve the Michigan Ross Community.

Finally, we encourage you to share any questions, concerns, and improvement suggestions you may have about the iMpact Web Portal with us. Your feedback is critical to our efforts for improving the iMpact Web Portal to meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Thanks, the Ross IT iMpact Renovation Team