Getting Started Teaching, Learning & Working Remotely

If events prevent traditional classroom instruction and building operations, we have tools that faculty, students, and staff can use to work remotely. These tools include ways for instructors to interact with their students, as well as students to meet virtually. The basics are listed here.  After reading this page, please see the Instructor Resources, Student Resources, and  Recommendations for Staff for more information and resources.

Visit the U-M ITS Remote Resource Guide for additional information and resources throughout the University of Michigan.

Virtual Private Network (VPN):Use a VPN secure connection at all times when accessing University resources. Getting Started with VPN 
Review your Duo two-factor authentication preferences:Update your Duo settings to accommodate working remotely. For example, if you currently opt to use a landline phone, you may wish to add a mobile phone number as an option.
Preferred Contact Method:Update your MCommunity profile so classmates and colleagues can reach you while you work remotely.
Meet with classmates and colleagues remotely via Zoom:Get started with Zoom videoconferencing service. 
Google Meet:Google Meet a G Suite videoconferencing service, offers instant meeting in your web browser.​
Shared Drives:Google Drive, Dropbox & MBox are both available to utilize when working remotely. 
Remaining Secure when Working Remotely:Here are some tips to help keep you secure when working remotely.
Digital Accessibility:Be aware that some online resources and tools are not accessible to everyone. Please be patient and understanding with students, classmates, and colleagues. Contact the accessibility team using their accessibility contact form to report barriers or get
assistance with proactive remediation. Learn about digital accessibility.
Emergency Alerts:

Download the Michigan app for mobile phones and check your UM Emergency Alert preferences in Wolverine Access.

Sign up for DPSS Emergency Alerts
UM Emergency Alert is an urgent, mass notification system that keeps students, faculty and staff informed about major active emergencies on campus. This system will be activated without undue delay by the Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS).

Last Updated on July 5, 2023