Think-Cell is now available to Ross students.  It is an add-on that can be used to create more robust charts and graphs from Excel data for a PowerPoint presentation.

Add Think-Cell to your device:

  1. Submit a request to for a license code
  2. Upon retrieval of the code, install Think-Cell:

Please note:

  • You must be an enrolled Ross student to use Think-Cell. 
  • Each user license will need to be renewed annually and expires on July 1​.
  • You do not need administrative rights to your device to download Think-Cell.

How to learn more:

For tailored Think-Cell support and self-service resources such as tutorial videos and a searchable user manual, visit

  • Watch this think-cell overview video 
  •  Build your first chart or layout with the help of this short video
  •  Explore Think-Cell’s 40+ chart types and features here
  •  Learn how to link an Excel file to your Think-Cell PowerPoint chart and automate data updates here

Last Updated on July 10, 2023