Student Arrival & Departure Checklist

Before You Arrive

Create your uniqname and set your password

Before you begin, make sure you:

  • Have already accepted your admission offer and submitted your enrollment deposit online via the New & Prospective Student Business section of Wolverine Access
  • Have your One-Time Identifier (OTID) at hand. The ten-character OTID is emailed to you typically within 24-48 hours after you pay your enrollment deposit. You will use your OTID with your 8-digit UMID number for the uniqname request process.
  • Contact the ITS Campus Support Desk phone (734)-764-4357 if you do not have your OTID and it has been at least two weeks since you enrolled.

Please note the following:

  • Once you have created a uniqname, please be sure to continue the process to create the password at that time. If you create a uniqname then stop the process before creating a password, you will need to call the ITS Accounts office to set your password.
  • Your One-Time Identifier can only be used once to successfully create one uniqname. In case of failure, you can re-use the same OTID until successful.
  • If you have misplaced your OTID, policies do not allow ITCS to reissue an OTID via e-mail. Students must call (734)-764-4357, option #1 to get an OTID reissued. You will need to provide your 8-digit UMID number.

Update your iMpact Profile

iMpact users such as other students, faculty, our web recruiters, and our administrative staff will use your Personal Profile information to contact you, so you will want to be sure your Profile is correct and up to date. You may need to update this information again after you arrive on campus since your address, phone number and e-mail will probably change. Use the menu items on the left menu bar in “Personal Profile” to update the various fields. For name and education changes, contact our Admissions office.

Check Out the Student Services section

There are a number of services offered to students of the Ross School of Business. To view them all click here

After You Arrive

Get your M-Card (Student ID) 

Contact the admissions office for details 

Configure your laptop for use at Ross 

Configure your laptop for wireless access and printing. Check out the Security Best Practices and download free anti-virus software. 

Ensure your iMpact Profile is correct and up to date 

Update your Personal Profile with your contact information. From your profile, you will want to print face cards to bring to your first classes.

Before You Leave

Determine what resources you can continue to use 

Students who graduate from U-M become alumni and therefore maintain a life-long relationship with the university. An affiliation of “alumni” is added to their MCommunity Directory profile after they graduate and certain computing and technology services continue for life. Former students who have completed at least one term of a degree-granting program are eligible for alumni status and can request it by contacting Gift & Records Administration at 888-518-7888. Students who leave without completing at least one term lose their affiliation with the university when they are no longer listed by their department as Active in Program. They lose access to U-M computing services after a grace period. 

Update your contact information in your iMpact Personal Profile 

By updating your Personal Profile, you will ensure your colleagues can keep in touch with you.

Services to Go

Check out the Alumni Relations web site 

Alumni Relations maintains a web site at the Alumni Community page. Visit this site regularly to learn about alumni services and events. 

Use the Alumni Directory 

Alumni can contact members of our alumni community all over the world via our online directory in iMpact. You can identify alumni by class, degree, program, city, country, career area and industry. Keep your contact information up to date so others can find you! If you discover that any alumni contact information is out of date, please notify Alumni Relations at or call (734) 764-4071

Join an Alumni Club 

Each of our alumni city clubs has a web page that details club membership, upcoming events and much more. Access this information at the Alumni Relations website at the Alumni Community page. If you have questions or need additional information about a particular city that you are relocating to or visiting, please get in touch with the club contact listed on that web page. 

Access Kresge Library Resources 

The Kresge Library offers numerous services to Ross alumni, including access to a selection of subscription databases. More information about Kresge Library services for alumni can be found on their website.

Last Updated on November 17, 2022