Logging into Mediasite

MyMediasite is the way you interact and control Mediasite. All of your custom, personalized content is accessible using the MyMediasite interface, or "portal." It is where you'll begin when creating new presentations.

Each faculty and staff member at Ross can use their U-M uniqname and password to sign in to their own MyMediasite. Log in to your MyMediasite portal here. You may wish to bookmark or "favorite" that link in your web browser so that you may more easily return in the future.

An Overview of MyMediasite

Below is an annotated image of what you'll see upon logging in to your MyMediasite portal.

Upon logging in, you'll notice that the word "Everything" is highlighted to the left of the screen. These first three categories — everything, recently accessed, and Q&A moderation — are three ways for you to quickly see any presentations that fit those descriptions.

  • "Everything" will show you everything you have permissions to see, even other users' content.
  • "Recently Accessed" will show you a list of recently accessed presentations, giving you an easy way to return to them.
  • "Q&A Moderation" will show you a list of active presentations for which you've been designated a Q&A respondent.

Further down in the right column are your own private folders. The first folder is named after your uniqname, and is your "main" folder. Inside you will find everything that belongs to you, including anything you create using the "Create Presentation" button and anything you record while in a Ross classroom. You can use the + icon to add additional folders for your own organization. You can then drag and drop presentations from one folder to another.

Last Updated on April 11, 2022