Uploading a Video to Mediasite

Using MyMediasite, you can upload video files to your Mediasite folder in order to share them with others. Use this option for previously produced files already in your possession.

An example might be a professor who recently had an old VHS tape converted into a digital format and needs a place to put it so others can view it.

How to Upload a Video to Mediasite

  1. Log in to MyMediasite.
  2. Click "Create Presentation"
  3. Click "Upload Media"

  4. Give your video a name and description, and then choose which folder you'd like to place it in.

  5. Click "Select Video" and browse for the file you wish to upload.
  6. Once your video is finished uploading, it will say "This upload has been queued for processing." Please allow Mediasite some time to process your file. You can close the presentation using the X in the upper right corner, or even log out completely. The processing will continue in the background.
  7. Once processing is complete, you'll see a still frame preview. Your video is now uploaded.
  8. Refer to the navigation menu at left to learn how to edit, share, and control who can see your video.


Last Updated on April 11, 2022