Classroom Software

Application Name Version
7-Zip 19.00
Adobe Acrobat DC 20.01
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 20.01
AdoptOpenJDK JRE with Hotspot (Java Runtime Environment) 8.0
Analytic Solver Platform for Education (ASPE) 20.5
BlueJeans 2.21
Chrome 86.0
DecisionTools Suite  8.0
Edge 44.1
Firefox 78.4
Ink2Go 1.7
JMP Pro 14 15.0
K2 Client 7.6
Kumo Client 3.3
Marketing Engineering for Excel (MEXL) 2.1
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 16.0
NodeXL Basic 1.0
Power BI Desktop 2.82
PuTTY 0.73
R 4.0
Radiant 0.0
RStudio 1.3
Solver Table for Excel 2016 2016
Solstice 4.5
SPSS Statistics 26.0
VLC Media Player 3.0
WinSCP 5.17
Xnote Timer 1.12
Yoshikoder 0.6.5
Zoom 5.8.4

Requesting Software

Software changes are done prior to the beginning of each semester. Faculty members can request changes for the upcoming semester by emailing Ross IT at

It is important to make any software requests at least 4 weeks prior to the semester in which it is needed. That time will allow for the completion of any administrative, testing, and implementation activities needed to be done prior to the semester beginning.

The payment of license and other costs for software if applicable will need to be determined as part of the software request.  Ross IT will work with each requestor and other departments to determine how costs will be handled.


Last Updated on November 17, 2022