Faculty Checklist

Before You Arrive

Order Your Computer

New Faculty receive a standard desktop computer. If you wish for a laptop or other upgrades such as a larger monitor, you can fund the difference from the current standard desktop price with a department account number or personal funding. Please contact Ross IT Support for assistance.

Request Any Special Software You May Need on Your Office Computer

Ross IT maintains a standard suite of licensed software on Faculty & Staff office computers. If you wish for additional software you may request it. Please see our Faculty & Staff Software page to review which software is provided standard on all machines and which software is available upon request. Please note there is a licensing fee for some packages and you may need to provide an account number. Please allow time for purchase and installation if necessary.

Request Any Course Software Needed in the Labs and Classrooms

Make software requests as early as possible for the lab and classroom computers if needed. Time is needed to arrange for licensing, compilation and testing. We ask requests be made the semester in advance. Changes after the beginning of classes are discouraged to help ensure a stable environment. Requests must be renewed for each upcoming semester. Please see our Classroom Software page to review what software is currently in the Labs and Classrooms and what has been requested for the upcoming semester.

After You Arrive

Call our office to begin the process of obtaining your computing accounts

Contact Ross IT by one of the following methods:

Check the equipment setup in your office

You will need your Business School computing account information to login. We provide a high-end Windows computer with a standard suite of software for your use. If you need extra components or software, contact Ross IT Support – please note for some requests you may need to provide an account number.

Update your Contact Information

Be sure your new address and correct contact information is listed in the M-Community Directory and your My iMpact Personal Profile.

Before You Leave

Thank you for being a part of the Ross Community. We wish you the best in your new ventures. But before you leave, you will want to take care of a few things. Please see below:

Determine what resources you can continue to use

Usually, when you leave the community your access to the computing resources go away. However, under certain circumstances that’s not true. Find out where you fit, here.

Update your contact information in your iMpact Personal Profile

By updating your Personal Profile, you will ensure your colleagues can keep in touch with you.

Last Updated on November 17, 2022