iClicker is the audience response system used throughout the University of Michigan campus. iClicker collects instant feedback from class attendees, which can then be displayed to foster class discussion or to ensure comprehension of a course’s material.

What you’ll need:

  1. iClicker & Thumb drive (Provided by Ross IT)

  2. Instructional Guide: Using iClicker in Canvas Courses

  3. Canvas login, with your course previously set up in Canvas


The three phases to utilizing iClicker:

  1. Set up prior to use in class

  2. In the classroom

  3. After class


Set-up prior to use in Class:

  1. Contact Ross IT (734) 615-3000 and we will provide you:

    1. An instructor iClicker​

    2. Thumb drive for your use in class

  2. Follow the Before you Begin instructions in Using iClicker in Canvas Courses

  3. Save the software to your thumbdrive

In the Classroom:

  1. PLEASE NOTE: In Ross, the instructions are slightly different than listed in the instructional guide, (Polling During Class, step 1.) Instead, Plug the thumb drive into the USB port on the lectern

  2. Open the iClicker file from the thumbdrive

  3. Refer to the Polling During Class section for specific information on utilizing iClicker in class

After Class:

  1. Close the iClicker app and remove the thumb drive

  2. Follow the instructions in the After Class section to review student responses and uploading the scores to Canvas


Additional items:

Using iClicker in Canvas courses – Instructor Guide

Students will need to have their own iClickers. Information related to obtaining a clicker can be found here.

iClicker registration – student registration on Canvas


Last Updated on November 17, 2022