Our Policies & Agreements

Equipment Policies:

Equipment Returns

Ross IT manages IT equipment for faculty & staff.  This includes the issuing as well as the returning of equipment. The requirements, process, and specifics related to returning equipment are outlined per this policy.

Personal Printers

Ross IT provides IT equipment to faculty & staff for business purposes.  The requirements, steps, and specifics related to a personal printer and the requesting of it are outlined within this policy.

Retired or Faculty That Leave IT Equipment Request & Support

Ross IT partners with faculty who are retiring from or leaving the university to provide guidance, requirements, process, and specifics related to any assigned IT equipment and a request to keep the equipment.  This policy outlines the various particulars associated with this policy.

Ross Faculty & Staff Equipment Requests

Ross IT provides IT equipment to faculty & staff for business purposes.  The requirements, process, and specifics related to providing this equipment, whether for a new employee or someone seeking additional equipment are outlined per this policy.

Student Loaner Laptops

Students may borrow laptops from Ross IT to use in specific classes. This policy defines and outlines the particulars associated with loaning laptops to students.

Support Policies:

AV Support for Events

Ross IT provides support for AV technology that is used within a room that is part of the Ross School of Business.  This support pertains to the AV technology and IT equipment that is within the room and used as part of the event. This policy defines and outlines the particulars associated with provided support.

Memo of Understanding: Mediasite Hosting and Support

Michigan Ross IT hosts and supports all Mediasite servers on campus thus creating an opportunity for other schools to utilize an enterprise video platform.  This Memo of Understanding – MOU outlines the policies and responsibilities for all parties as it relates to the Mediasite system and its content.

Ross Mediasite Faculty Support Administration

Ross IT supports the Mediasite lecture capture system for faculty and staff to record in the classroom. At the request of instructors, faculty can add the Mediasite Faculty Support group to assist with managing faculty recordings. This policy outlines that process.

Mediasite Access Request

Ross IT provides access to Mediasite for faculty and staff who need it. Faculty and staff can request Mediasite access for teaching assistants and non-Ross instructors.  We’ve outlined the requirements, steps, and specifics related to requesting Mediasite access within this policy.

If you would like to request Mediasite access for another person, please fill out this form.

Security/Privacy Policies:

Computer, Mobile Device, and Data Encryption

Ross IT requires that all individuals accessing any University information resources abide by defined security policies established for desktops, laptops, and other forms of mobile devices, such as cell phones, portable media, tablets, and other devices. With the increasing use of personal computers and portable devices at the University, strong security practices should be followed involving both private and confidential data. Click here to learn more about the security practices that should be followed.

Ross Privacy Policy

The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business respects the privacy of its community members regarding the responsible use of technological resources.  Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and any other party that access Ross sites are subject to these guidelines.

Network Policies:

Network Configuration of Non-Standard Workstations

Ross IT manages workstations that are requested by Ross faculty, however because of differences in their configuration and use they are defined as non-standard. This difference results in different network factors which need to be considered and followed as it relates to putting this type of machine on the network. This policy defines and outlines the particulars associated with setting this type of machine up on the network.

Data Policies:

Mediasite Management Practices

Ross IT manages a video lecture capture system called Mediasite which provides the ability to create video content related to classes and events.  This policy describes the process that is followed by Ross IT support staff regarding the Mediasite content pertaining to content retention, storage time, storage locations etc.

Last Updated on November 17, 2022