Image with the header: "Congrats to ALL Ross Star Winners!" and speech bubbles that say "Kindness, tenacity, ingenuity, and general being a good human," "Connecting & engaging with others," "Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion," "You rock! Thanks for your help!" "Today's workshop was an amazing opportunity for the team- thank you for all the time and effort you put into it!" "Doing a great job," "Thank you so much for going out of your way to help others. You are a wonderful person and an asset to this team!" "Demonstrating development and growth" "taking ownership" and "Great team player!"

Ross Star Swag Recipients

Below are some of the latest Ross Star swag recipients. These individuals were nominated by their peers for their exceptional work and entered into a drawing to receive a piece of Michigan Ross swag.

You can nominate a colleague at any time for a Ross Star. Recognizing everyday excellence is important, so let your colleagues know how much you appreciate them. A certificate will be sent directly to their inbox with a message from you acknowledging the ways in which they have shined and made a difference. That person will also be entered into the Ross Star swag drawing.

November Winners

  • Emmanuel Galinato
  • Jared VanDyke
  • Stephanie Collier
  • Tagy Phillips
  • Kathy Hastings
  • Becky Shark
  • Jen Mason
  • Katie Ramsburgh
  • Margaret Patterson
  • Caroline Grachek
  • Angel Valentine
  • Katelynn Lockhart
  • Garrett Stephens
  • Kiali Curtis
  • Pat Everett
  • Reva Bourgasser
  • Lancikins Bowers
  • Matthew Brott
  • Bill Hegyi
  • Jenn Mull

December Winners

  • Annie Weaver
  • Chad Roberts
  • Diana Perilla
  • Hannah Glodich
  • Jessie Krasa
  • Kaitlin Kheal
  • Kim Williams
  • Leslie Lynn
  • Lisa Bradley
  • Michelle Dockins
  • Michelle Pava
  • Pam Shorter
  • Ray Schuh
  • Sarah Beyer
  • Shannon Hesch
  • Sharron Criss
  • Sheila Patton
  • Virginia Balan
  • Taya Sapp

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