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New Opportunities are on the Horizon for Michigan Ross Executive Education

Along with world-class academic degree programs, Michigan Ross is globally recognized for our Executive Education Programs. The EE team has individuals located in Ann Arbor and Hong Kong, and recently welcomed new Chief Executive Education Officer Nicholas Hamilton-Archer. 

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EE offers Open Enrollment courses for individuals who aspire to move into leadership roles. The team and Ross faculty members also partner with companies to analyze pressing business challenges and develop solutions and programs to help them succeed. EE has partnered with organizations across every continent. Some notable names include General Motors Co., Toyota Motor Corp., Google, and Oracle Corp. 

“Working with EE allows our faculty members to create research-based solutions for major corporations, which elevates our reputation and impact,” Chris Rider, Thomas C. Kinnear Professor and associate professor of entrepreneurial studies. 

In addition to online offerings, leaders from all over the world come to Ann Arbor for in-person programs at the Executive Residence in Wyly Hall. 

“My goal is to maintain our position as a top global provider,” said Hamilton-Archer. “A key focus for us in the future will be pursuing partnerships with other U-M schools and colleges so that we can leverage the breadth of the university’s expertise to provide more comprehensive solutions for our clients.”

The benefits of EE programs are not just for major organizations. Ross staff and business units are eligible to sign up for courses. Some popular opportunities for staff include Strategic Decision Making and People-Driven Thinking.

“We believe in continuous learning,” said Hamilton-Archer. “Creating opportunities for individuals to upscale helps prepare them for the next opportunity, think differently about the challenges that they face, and drive change.”

Addressing sustainability

Currently, EE is known for its leadership and human resources programs and is working on expanding its portfolio of offerings in the near future. Recently announced, EE is launching a new sustainability-focused program that will help senior executives better understand how to make environmental, social, and governance investing decisions. The program will bring together business and sustainability experts from the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise and Ceres, a non-profit focused on implementing equitable solutions to sustainability challenges. 

“We are very excited about this new partnership,” said Hamilton-Archer. “We look forward to working with many organizations on sustainability and helping to advance Michigan Ross and the university’s climate and sustainability goals.”

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