Introducing a New Concentration for Full-Time MBAs

Michigan Ross is one of the first business schools in the nation to offer an Environmental, Social, and Governance concentration. ESG courses and programs are in high demand among current and prospective students and are now available for Ross Full-time MBA students. The new concentration will include formal coursework and optional co-curricular activities, including workshops (e.g., how to work with ESG data) and speakers. 

Jerry Davis, Gilbert and Ruth Whitaker Professor of Business Administration and professor of management and organizations, explains why it’s essential for students to have ESG knowledge to help them understand the broader range of risks and opportunities to business models and, perhaps more importantly, the full impact of business decisions on society at large. 

“ESG has evolved beyond an approach to investing — today it really is the language of business, providing a set of tools to assess the impact of businesses on the broader world and to project the material impact of environment and social factors on business. Students who are fluent in ESG will be in high demand and have the potential to greatly increase the positive impact of business,” said Davis.

ESG investing refers to a set of standards for a company’s behavior used by socially conscious investors to screen potential investments. It is part of a broader strategy known as sustainable investing, focused on managing risks from environmental factors, social issues, and questions of corporate governance. More businesses are incorporating ESG values into their fundamental strategies as these factors can significantly impact their financial performance, brand image, and overall sustainability. 

For more information, contact Jerry Davis.

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