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Faculty Awards and Achievements

Over the past year, there have been many impressive achievements from our faculty. Let’s congratulate the individuals listed below for their outstanding work.

Faculty Awards

Marcus Collins received the Radar Distinguished Achievement Award for his book For the Culture at the 2023 Thinkers50 Gala.

Lindsey Gallo received the Glen McLaughlin Prize for ethics research.

Tom Lyon received second place in the 2023 World Sustainability Awards for his work in the field of economics and corporate sustainability. 

Jeremy Kress received the Early Career Achievement Award at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Conference. He also received the Ralph Hoeber Memorial Award from the American Business Law Journal for his article “Banking’s Climate Conundrum.” Moreover, Kress was recognized by the Financial Times for “highly commended” research in its Responsible Business Education Awards 2023. 

Lynda Oswald received the Charles M. Hewitt/ McGraw-Hill Master Teacher Award from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business 2022. This award was given in recognition of teaching excellence after a peer-reviewed competition.

Rajeev Batra was named Society for Consumer Psychology Fellow in 2023. This fellow award represents SCP’s highest honor. It recognizes seasoned scholars who received a PhD 15+ years ago and who have made outstanding and unusual contributions to consumer psychology through both research and service.  

Anocha Aribarg received the Outstanding Reviewer award from the Journal of Marketing and an Outstanding Associate Editor award from the International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Aradhna Krishna was ranked No. 13 in productivity in marketing journals and No. 2 among women in 2013-2022 by the American Marketing Association’s Doctoral Student SIG ratings.

Mirela Sandulescu received the 2023 Provost Early Tenure-Track Faculty Research Support Initiative Award.

Jun Li received the 2022 Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society Young Scholar Award. This award recognizes exceptional young researchers under 40 who have made outstanding contributions to scholarship in operations management. 

Ravi Anupindi received the Lakes Protection Fund and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research 1.2M grant with colleagues. This project builds on Anupindi’s research interests in sustainable food, represents a cross-campus initiative, and impacts our home region.

Samantha Keppler, Jun Li, and Andrew Wu received the 2022 Responsible Research Award from the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society.

Allan Afuah received the Academy of Management 2022 Decade Award for his paper “Crowdsourcing as a Solution to Distant Search” (co-authored with Chris Tucci).

Paper Awards

Norm Bishara received the 2023 Jackson Lewis LLP Award for Outstanding Employment Law Paper from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. The same paper was a finalist for the Holmes-Cardozo Best Conference Paper Award and is forthcoming in the American Business Law Journal.

Paolo Pasquariello and Mirela Sandulescu received the XiYue Best Paper Award at the China International Conference in Finance annual conference, Shanghai, July 2023 for their paper “Speculation and liquidity in stock and corporate bond markets.”

Amiyatosh Purnanandam received the Bradford-Osborne Research Award for best-published paper on DEI topics, 2nd place, 2022.

Allan Afuah’s paper “Multisided Platforms as New Organizational Forms” was a finalist for the Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management Perspectives.

Brian Wu received the Strategic Management Society Journals‘ Video Abstract Award for the Strategic Management Journal paper “Hyperspecialization and hyperscaling: A resource-based theory of the digital firm” (coauthored with Gianluigi Giustiziero, Tobias Kretschmer, and Deepak Somaya). 

Felipe Csaszar received the Distinguished Paper Award in Nonmarket Strategy at the Academy of Management STR Division for his paper “Searching under multiple goals: Exploring the role of corporate social responsibility heuristics” (co-authored with Daniel Albert). 

Ravi Anupindi, Jun Li, and Andrew Wu, collectively, along with a former Ross doctoral student, received the 2022 Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society iFORM SIG Best Paper Award. 

Anocha Aribarg and Eric Schwartz’s paper “Native advertising in online news: Trade-offs among clicks, brand recognition, and website trustworthiness,” which was published in the Journal of Marketing Research, was one of the top-5 most cited articles in 2022.

Cindy Schipani and Nejat Seyhun’s paper “Insider Giving” was listed as one of the Top Ten Corporate and Securities articles in 2022 by Georgetown Law School from a vote of law profession academicians from 400 articles published in 2022 (co-authors Burcu Avci and Andrew Verstein).

Aradhna Krishna and Yesim Orhun’s paper “Gender (still) matters in business school” was a finalist for the Paul Green Award for best paper in the Journal of Marketing Research published in 2022.

Faculty Appointments 

David Hess was elected as the co-president of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association and serves on its board.

Uday Rajan was appointed vice-president-elect of the Financial Intermediation Research Society, 2023.

Jim Westphal was appointed a Senior Fellow of the University of Michigan Society of Fellows.

Chris Williams started an appointment as an Editor of The Accounting Review.

Paolo Pasquariello was appointed managing editor of the Journal of Financial Markets, Sept. 2022. 

Amiyatosh Purnanandam was appointed director of the Financial Intermediation Research Society 2022.

Brian Wu was elected assistant program chair of the STR Division, Academy of Management. This is a five-year appointment in which responsibilities escalate over time to Division Chair.

Felipe Csaszar was appointed associate editor for Management Science and senior editor for Strategy Science

Maggie Zhou was appointed associate editor for Management Science

David Wooten was appointed editor-in-chief of the Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2024-2026.

Media Mentions, Publications, and Other News

Gwen Yu was a special guest speaker at the International Sustainability Reporting Seminar hosted by the Korean Sustainability Standards Board and the Asian Leadership Conference, where there were over 3,000 executives, government officials, and academics regarding sustainability reporting.

Venky Nagar was a guest speaker at the Becker-Freidman University of Chicago Governance Conference.

Anant Nyshadham and Emir Murathanoglu’s research was mentioned in The Economist

Sarah Miller’s research was mentioned in the New York Times article “Childbirth is Deadlier for Black Families Even When They’re Rich, Expansive Study Finds,” published February 2023. 

Jagadeesh Sivadasan and Norm Bishara’s research was cited in a rule proposed by the Federal Trade Commission to ban the use of non-competes. News release “Federal Trade Commission Proposes Rule to Ban Non-Compete Clauses, Which Hurt Workers and Harm Competition.” Research is cited in the rule document: Non-Compete Clause Rule.

Tom Buchmueller was interviewed on WTOP radio in Washington, D.C., about a paper that he and Sarah Miller published on insurance coverage of LGBT adults in June 2023. 

Paul Clyde’s research was mentioned in Plastics Today in Aug. 2023, in Mexico Now in Oct. 2022, and in All Africa in Oct. 2022. 

Amiyatosh Purnanandam and Thomas Flanagan co-authored “Did banks pay ‘fair’ returns to taxpayers on TARP?” This is a paper on whether TARP earned fair returns to taxpayers, and was published in the Journal of Finance, 2023.

Fred Feinberg and Dana Turjeman, PhD ’21, published a paper in Marketing Science. The research shows that when a company is hacked or unintentionally releases users’ sensitive information, the initial user reaction involves drastic decreases in various types of activities and site engagement. Yet people return to “business as usual” within a surprisingly short time. 

Justin Huang and Julia Lee Cunningham published “The cost of anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic” in Nature Human Behaviour. The research demonstrates and quantifies how pandemic-related racism led to consumer discrimination against Asian American restaurant businesses, costing them an estimated $7.42B of lost revenue in 2020.

Aradhna Krishna’s paper “Covering vice with virtue: Categorization and the perceived environmental friendliness of product packaging,” is forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Research (co-authors Tim Doering, PhD ’22, and Tatiana Sokolova).

Scott Rick’s book Tightwads and Spendthrifts: Navigating the Money Minefield in Real Relationships is being published by St. Martin’s Press and will be released in 2024.

Amy Young co-founded the Positive Communication Network conference this past Spring 2023. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission finalized amendments to its regulations based on recommendations from an article published in the Duke Law Journal by Cindy Schipani and Nejay Seyhun in Dec. 2022 (co-authors Andrew Verstein and Burcu Avci).

Will Thomas joined the six-person organizing committee for the annual Legal Philosophy Workshop.

Neroli Austin was the recipient of the Green Templeton College Writing Up Bursary 2022/ 2023.

Paolo Pasquariello co-authored the first crowd-sourced empirical paper, “Non-standard errors” in economics/finance, which was published in the Journal of Finance, 2023. 
Amiyatosh Purnanandam presented on financial reforms in India at the Kautilya Economic Conclave 2022.

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