New Partnership between Michigan Ross and the U-M College of Engineering

Michigan Ross currently has several dual degree programs for undergraduate students who are also interested in pursuing academic areas outside of business. Thanks to a new cross-campus partnership between Ross and the College of Engineering, there will soon be an easier path for students who want to earn degrees in business and computer science. 

A team of individuals from Ross and Michigan Engineering is in the process of restructuring the existing dual degree program to be more cohesive and include specific cohort courses and co-curricular experiences and opportunities for students. Additionally, there will be new introductory courses that will combine business and engineering topics, along with a coordinated senior capstone project.

“We are designing a world-class curriculum that will retain all that is good about both degree programs and also allow students to complete them in four years,” said Cathy Shakespeare, associate dean for undergraduate programs. “We believe this dual degree is critical to maintaining our competitiveness in the undergraduate market.”

There are plans to eventually expand the focus beyond computer science and provide similar offerings in other majors within the School of Engineering. Pending approvals, the new dual degree program is expected to be available by fall 2026.

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