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Michigan Ross IT Works Behind the Scenes to Power Our Connected Community

Working behind the scenes in almost every aspect of the school’s operations, Michigan Ross Information Technology is a tight-knit team of 37 full-time staff members, two student temp workers, and one part-time temp employee. Led by Kerry Flynn, chief information officer, the IT team is dedicated to an ongoing journey of enhancements and optimizations of our technology, with the goal of providing a comprehensive and seamless digital experience that supports the diverse needs of students, faculty, and staff. 

Supporting the Michigan Ross Community and Mission

The Ross IT team focuses on three distinct areas: application services, admissions operations, and support services. The team motto, ‘We partner to deliver innovative solutions,’ is a living practice that each team member embodies, making Ross IT exemplary. 

One aspect of IT’s work is creating, maintaining, and enhancing various web applications and software used by faculty, staff, students, and alums to make a positive user experience. Some of the tools that Ross IT develops and maintains include the iMpact portal, onboarding system, and various other applications.

The Ross IT team also ensures a smooth student admissions process. This includes developing an easy-to-use online application and assisting prospective students and admissions officers throughout the submission, review, and acceptance process. 

Another significant role the IT team plays is ensuring the school’s technology and digital infrastructure are stable and reliable. At its foundation is a strategy meticulously centered on security, dependability, maintenance, adherence to best practices, and swift response times. This strategy, with communication and training, is at the core of the Ross IT service delivery model and is what the Michigan Ross community has come to expect. 

According to Flynn, the IT team’s dedication to delivering an excellent user experience and willingness to partner allows individuals and business units to achieve the school’s strategic priorities and broader mission. 

A Commitment to Excellence

At the end of each year, the Ross IT team comes together to engage in a collective and reflective review of their work, celebrate the goals achieved, and plan future activities. This reflection is intertwined with Michigan Ross’s broader goals and strategic priorities, ensuring our accomplishments and objectives align with the school’s vision. The goal of the meeting is to emphasize culture, team building, and fun, and recognize individuals for their contributions to the team’s success. 

“These gatherings are a testament to the essence of our culture in Ross IT, where the collective input is deeply valued,” said Cheryl Sobkow, director of support services. “The significance of every person’s contribution is vital to our daily operations. Without the collective support and engagement of every member within Ross IT, the exceptional service we deliver daily would not be possible. This unity and shared respect for each contribution allows us to achieve our mission and maintain the high standard of IT support that defines us.”

Additionally, integral to Ross IT’s culture is the adoption of an annual theme that acts as a guide for the year’s focus. This year’s theme underscores the critical importance of security and how each member of Ross IT has a responsibility to incorporate a security mindset in their work. Simultaneously, embracing artificial intelligence is a secondary theme that opens the door to exploring its transformative potential throughout the Ross community.  

“In the wake of a significant security incident at the university, our team rallied with unwavering dedication to strengthen our security practices and posture,” said Flynn. “We created a comprehensive strategy in collaboration with our campus partners, targeting the delivery of security and compliance practices. The strategy’s implementation has permeated every level of our team — security has become a recurring topic of conversation, a catalyst for change, and a reaffirmation of our steadfast commitment to securing our digital environment. These collective efforts underline our resolve to respond to security challenges and proactively safeguard our IT environment’s integrity.”

Keeping their annual themes in mind, Ross IT currently has a number of large projects on their plate that will benefit the Ross community. Over the next months, they will be working to install technology updates in Robertson Auditorium and other event spaces, roll out some iMpact updates, and look into ways to expand the Salesforce footprint on the Michigan Ross campus—all while keeping our Ross community connected.

If you have an IT concern, you can seek assistance by submitting a ticket via or visiting the help desk during walk-up hours.

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