We understand that you perform a wide range of tasks through out your everyday here at Ross. We have provided you a set of ‘Faculty Tools’ that will assist you in your workflow.

Printing Services for Classes & More

In order to reduce heavy work on the hub printers and allow them to be available to the entire floor, we ask you not print your class slides on the hub printers, especially during regular office hours. Instead, we can send these large print jobs to The Copy Center.

You may send your handouts to your floor’s Support email, or ask your Coordinator how you can request your slides be printed by the Copy Center directly. We ask that you provide us at least 24 hours notice for these, as we need to send the request, have it fulfilled by another department, then delivered to our building.

For all of your printing needs (including setting up your printer, printer hub issues, & for large or special print jobs), contact your floor’s Coordinators.

Seating Chart / Absences Tool / Seating Chart Guide

With the Classroom Seating Chart Tool, faculty can track student participation and attendance and generate names for cold calling with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. This functionality builds upon the tool as it has always been, which means that when it comes to creating, building and accessing the seating charts, the process hasn’t changed. The Seating Chart Tool is accessible on any device from which you can connect to iMpact, and since it’s web based it can be used on a variety of devices ranging from the desktop computers in the Ross classrooms to a laptop or even a tablet device like an iPad.

To set up seating charts for your courses, contact your floor’s Coordinators.

Need a Room Reservation?

Scheduling meetings or a special event? Before you can host an event or conduct a meeting, you will need a room.  The Ross Room Reservation Tool is the main stop for a lot of tasks regarding any event here on campus. The tool allows our users to create and event, set specifics (audience type, speakers, sponsors if needed); it’s also used to simple schedule a room for a short meeting.

For assistance setting up room reservations, contact your floor’s Coordinators.

Canvas / Canvas (Instructor) Guides

Canvas is a great tool that is used for a variety of reasons. In face-to-face courses, you can use Canvas features to help manage your course, such as Gradebook and Assignments. You can use features to gather student work via online submissions in assignments, or deliver course content such as PDFs, documentation, and presentations using Files.  Canvas quizzes give you an opportunity to provide online practice quizzes or class surveys quickly and easily.  Canvas modules allow you to organize units of related materials that students can access from any device with an internet connection. Organized content in modules make great stand-alone resources—review materials, videos, images, self-paced activities such as practice quizzes, or web quests. You can also use them to try new teaching practices such as flipped classroom models in select lessons.

For updating and day-to-day assistance with your Canvas site, see your floor’s Coordinators. For design and technical assistance, contact the Ross Canvas team.

Grader/Tutor Hours:

You are eligible to hire graders and/or tutors for classes that have a minimum of forty students. The number of total hours you can use for graders or tutors is equal to the number of students in your class.

See your Academic Area Administrator for direction on the hiring process.