As a Ross-recognized group, you have access to CampusGroups. This platform can be used to:

  • Manage members and dues
  • Send emails to your members and contacts
  • Create and maintain your club website and conference page
  • Maintain a calendar of events, send invites, and receive RSVPs
  • Share documents with officers and members
  • Conduct surveys
  • See here for instructions/updates

Club websites must be updated to reflect correct information, including:

  • Current club officers and contact information listed
  • Inactive and outdated tabs are deactivated, such as blog or newsletter tabs that have not been updated within the past year
  • Upcoming events listed (Indicate “2018-2019 Events Coming Soon” if you do not yet have dates on the calendar)
  • Conference registration links are available, if applicable
  • Links to external websites are valid, if applicable
  • Website has been proofread

Failure to update website may affect your club’s consideration for Council funding, access to the Ross external site, Campus Groups and Program Office support.