Scholarships for BBA Students

We encourage all students to apply for financial aid so they receive full consideration for scholarships from the University and from Ross Financial Aid. Financial Aid to Ross Undergraduate students is provided through the University of Michigan’s main Financial Aid Office. They can be reached at or 734-763-6600.

The Ross Financial Aid Office offers a variety of undergraduate merit and need-based scholarships. These are also known as departmental scholarships (Ross Scholarships). Ross Scholarship funds come from both corporate and private donors. All BBA students who will be attending Ross are automatically considered for Ross scholarships. Majority of Ross scholarships do not require a separate application. 

Once in a while Ross Financial Aid will have a scholarship that requires application. Students will be emailed when and if these scholarships are available. Along with email notification, scholarships that require application will also be listed on this page (see below).

To ensure full scholarship consideration:

  1. Apply for financial aid on time!
  2. Many Ross BBA scholarships are need-based. If eligible, complete a FAFSA each year. FAFSA opens up October 1st each year. Even if you feel you do not have “need”, complete the FAFSA, you can always decline loan offers.
  3. Update and upload your resume to your student iMpact Portal. Some of our departmental scholarships require club or organizational involvement or a certain career focus. We may search for these students through reading resumes, or looking up club/organizational leadership and memberships.
  4. Complete/update My Scholarship Profile  through your Wolverine Access by March 15th. Completing your scholarship profile will not guarantee you qualify for a specific scholarship, but it will ensure that you will be in a pool for consideration when additional information is needed for scholarship consideration.
  5. Talk to your local Alumni Club
  6. Look and apply for private scholarships. Below list the most popular scholarship search sites. All of which are free. (we do not recommend companies that offer scholarship services for a fee):

BBA Ross Scholarships that Require Application

Please carefully read scholarships criteria and requirements before applying. Each application may have a different due date. No late applications will be accepted.

Open to all BBA – RSB Savage Scholarship Fund for Students with Dyslexia

Open to all BBA – Friedland Family Goldman Gives Scholarship

Open to all BBA – Brian and Lindsay Cooper Family Scholarship Fund

BBA Juniors or Seniors only – Alumni Board of Governors Scholarship

BBA Freshman only – Deane Baker Scholarship

For questions regarding BBA Ross Scholarships, feel free to email Ross Financial Aid office at Be sure to include your UMID number.

For questions regarding Financial Aid, please contact the University of Michigan’s main Financial Aid Office at or 734-763-6600.  Be sure to include your UMID number.

The Ross School of Business Office of Financial Aid is a satellite office of the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid.