Our Marketing Brand

Our brand goes beyond a single mark. It is the presence by which we are recognized in physical and digital space.

Typefaces: Content is represented by selected typefaces: the Verlag family speaks our narratives, League Gothic our emphatic headlines, Chronicle is used for special narrative passages. We use Univers to pair text with our mark, Michigan Ross.

Colors: We are committed to prominent use of the University of Michigan’s colors — pms 282 blue, and pms 7406 maize. Our designers have developed a palette of secondary accents that serve to supplement our core brand colors.

Our Mark: In order to ensure that our school is recognized and enhanced globally, we represent ourselves as who we are – Ross – and the globally recognized academic institution of which we are part – Michigan.

Our Marketing Mark: 

This follows the construct common among our peers (Chicago Booth, NYU Stern, Berkeley Haas, MIT Sloan, etc.).

When this usage is required:

In our url:

  • Throughout our website
  • In viewbooks, brochures, pamphlets, etc.
  • Throughout Dividend magazine
  • Internal environmental and way-finding graphics
  • Promotional materials

Downloads are available here:


Any questions regarding additional expressions of this mark, please contact

Special Uses

In certain contexts, exceptions to the core brand mark are recommended. 

Our Formal Identity Mark: 

When this usage is required:

  • Formal correspondence
  • Diplomas
  • Stationery, including letterheads
  • Business cards
  • External building identification
  • Memos

Please contact for a download and use guidelines for this official mark.  

Please contact U-M Printing Services to order stationery and business cards. They have our stationery template designs on file.

For social media and certain other contexts – such as limited spaces on merchandise, or in digital advertising, we may employ an informal visual identity.

Michigan Ross “Bug”

  Where this usage is permitted:  

  • Social media icons for Michigan Ross
  • Other applications, for example merchandise or promotional materials, may be approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications  

Please contact for a download and use guidelines for this mark. A monotone version and a version without background are also available in this series.