If you or members of your leadership team take photos at your event, we encourage you to submit them to Michigan Ross for possible use in Dividend or on LinkedIn. This is also a great way to get the word out about your region’s activities!

A few tips:

  • **Make sure to let people know that Michigan Ross may be using these pictures in Dividend or on social media.
  • Try to shoot photos of faces! People like looking for pictures of alumni they might know. Don’t be afraid to ask alumni if you can take their photo, so they will look at the camera. Most people don’t mind having their picture taken!
  • Take photos at the highest resolution setting your camera has available (unless you have a dSLR; in that case, 9 – 12 MP or smaller is a better size setting for email transfers).
  • If the venue is dark/indoors, please use a flash!

Below is an example of a low quality photo that likely will not be utilized by Ross staff/Dividend (left) versus a good quality photo that will certainly be utilized (right):

Submitting Photos to Dividend

Submit your photos directly to Dividend Magazine at, as well as to the Office of Alumni Engagement at

To ensure your photos are utilized in Dividend, you must include in the context of your photo submission: 

  1. Who is pictured – Names, degree, and, if possible, grad year of those pictured
  2. Where – e.g. University Club; New York, NY
  3. When – e.g. Thursday, September 24, 2015
  4. What/Why – e.g. Alumni gathered for the inaugural #ROSSTALKS event in New York. A great time was had by all!