Alumni Club Portal Overview

The Michigan Ross Alumni Club Portal was built in-house by the Ross Technology team with the goal of revolutionizing the way that our 50+ alumni clubs communicate with each other and with staff. The portal supports the clubs in numerous ways: 

Specificity for each club

Each of the alumni clubs has access to its own customizable club website to share information specific to its community and events. Social media icons can be added to link to any club’s social media accounts. 


Through a built-in email system, club leadership can keep members informed of club news, events and updates. Club leadership can send emails to a targeted audience or to the entire list of alumni in their region/affinity, as well as non-regional alumni who have opted in to receive information about the club. The scope of recipients can also be limited based on the event type. The portal speaks directly to the Ross CRM tool, so alumni user information is constantly updated, and email lists and preferences are refreshed on a daily basis.

Additionally, alongside each club, the main portal landing page lists the names and emails of current club presidents, making it easier for club leaders to communicate with each other. 


The Alumni Club Portal has a consistent look and feels like the overall Michigan website. Logos, fonts, and images will be on brand with Michigan Ross. 

Alumni Access 

Alumni are able to update their contact information, employment info, and iMpact profiles in just a few clicks once they log in to the Alumni Club Portal. Alumni can sign up to receive info about any of the clubs, so if they travel often and are looking for Ross club events around the world, they can easily find them.


Through the portal’s ‘Add Event’ feature, club leadership can:

  • Create event posts that will be pulled into the Michigan Ross public calendar and will also be visible on the events section on the right-hand side of the School’s alumni website. This is a great way to advertise your event to a larger audience, potentially reaching non-local/non-affiliation Ross alumni who may be traveling through the area during the time of the event and are looking for a way to connect with local Ross alums.
  • Email upcoming event details to a broad or targeted club membership audience using various filter options.
  • Create companion event registration pages to track RSVPs, collect attendance fees, and export registration lists, if desired. 


Clubs can post news happening in their regions and here at Michigan Ross on to their club’s homepage. The portal offers links to Ross news, webinars, faculty research and donor profiles, which helps to engage alumni with a variety of exciting things that are taking place at Ross.


With the portal’s eCommerce feature, clubs can collect event revenue and keep track of their spending. While all domestic club expenses are still paid through the Office of Alumni Engagement (preferably, with the Office’s corporate credit card prior to club events), clubs are free to use any revenue they generate for events and other club expenses; club-collected revenue rolls over to the following fiscal year if not used. 

Visit the Alumni Club Portal How-To Page for full instructions on how to use the alumni club portal’s primary features.