How-To Instructions and Videos

Accessing Your Alumni Club’s Website

  1. First, select your alumni club from the list on the portal’s landing page. Be sure you know your iMpact login and password — this is needed for performing any administrative tasks.
  2. When you first visit the club’s page, click on “Log in.” This will take you to the WEBLOGIN page. If you don’t know your information, please follow the prompts on the weblogin page to reset your password/obtain your information. 
  3. If your contact information is incorrect in the upper right hand corner (when you’re logged in), please take a moment to ‘Update my profile’ to reflect your new information. The email address that you have on file with the university will be reflected on this website.

It is not a requirement for the general public to log in to the system, but we hope they will to ensure their contact information is correct. We are working on other incentives to get them to log in – featured content, exclusive access to things, etc. Our IT team will also be exploring the possibility of a social media login to the portal in the coming months. 

Directing Alumni To Your Club’s Portal Website

Alumni can enter your club’s website through a few pathways. 

Through the website: 

  1. Click on “Alumni” tab at the very top of the webpage.
  2. Select “Find An Alumni Club,” the second option down on the first right hand column, or click on the scrolling banner “Find an alumni club” button.
  3. Click on your club’s name.

Through club emails: 

  1. Open any email sent through the Alumni Club Portal from a specific alumni club.
  2. Click on the blue M Ross [Michigan Ross Alumni Club of _____ ] email banner/header. You should immediately be redirected to the corresponding alumni club website.  

Utilizing Primary Website Features

Sending Emails: 

Adding Events: 

Creating a Registration Page: 

Adding Board Members as Web Administrators: 

To protect alumni data and privacy, all club officers with access to the alumni club portal must first electronically sign the University of Michigan Alumni Club Confidentiality Agreement. Please sign the form here

  1. On your alumni club website, click on the ‘Members’ tab (visible only to administrators logged in to the site).
  2. Make sure the filter, “Ross Alumni in the Area,” is selected.
  3. Search by member name or email address, and select their profile by clicking on their name when it appears.*
  4. Change their “Member Details” to the below selections, and then click on “Save Changes.”
  • Email List Status: Opted In
  • Member: Yes
  • Membership Expires: Leave blank or unchanged
  • Club Office: Officer

* If you cannot find the alum in the “Ross Alumni in the Area” filter, there is a chance their contact information is outdated in the system and thus not reflected in the list of alumni living in your metro area.

Please ask the alum to update their contact information; you can try again to add them as an officer in a day or two. If their information is up to date, and you still cannot find them, please email for assistance. Changes will take 24-48 hours to be active in the system. 

If you have any technical questions regarding the portal, please email The Alumni Engagement team can relay your inquiry to the Ross IT team that created this system to answer any questions you may have.