Alumni Clubs Data Protection and Confidentiality Agreement

Development & Alumni Relations 

To:      Michigan Ross Alumni Club Leadership
From: Caitlin Johnson, Director of Alumni Engagement
Re:     Agreement to Protect Privacy of Alumni Information 

Before the Michigan Ross Office of Development and Alumni Relations can share the University of Michigan alumni contact information with you, we are required by University policy to ask that you agree to protect the privacy of our alumni by observing the conditions listed below.  

Please review the conditions and then complete the form at the right to indicate your agreement. We require that all alumni club officers with alumni club portal officer access complete this Confidentiality Agreement annually.

“Any information provided to you by the University and any information gathered by you regarding the alumni shall remain the property of the University. You shall use this information only for the purposes of alumni club management, programming, engagement, and outreach. 

“You shall not release, disclose, sell or transfer the information to any third party, including the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan and its chapters, without the University’s prior written permission. After the information is used, you shall destroy/ shred all copies of the information. 

“You agree that any of your volunteers/employees who will have access to the information shall be informed of the terms of this agreement, and shall agree in writing (via completion of this form) to comply with the terms and maintain the confidentiality of the information. 

You consent to the issuance of an injunction preventing the unauthorized use or release of the information in violation of this agreement.” 

If you have any questions regarding the appropriate use, sharing, and protection of alumni data, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (734) 763-5775 or

Caitlin Johnson, Stephen M. Ross School of Business representative, certifies that the use of the information will serve a University function.

By submitting the form below, you indicate your acceptance of the conditions of the Confidentiality Agreement:

Alumni Clubs Confidentiality Agreement