Ross Incoming Semester Exchange Program


We are thrilled that you have been selected as an incoming exchange student at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan! 

This website will provide you with information about what to expect during your time at Ross, including orientation, course offerings, student life, housing, and general tips for acclimating to life in Ann Arbor and the United States. To get started, visit the Welcome page and work your way through all the sections under Incoming Exchange Students. If you have questions along the way, please reach out to us at

We look forward to helping you prepare for your time at Ross and welcoming you here on campus in just a few short months. 

Kind regards,
The Ross Global Initiatives Team


In the video, Ross and exchange students explain why prospective exchange students should study at Ross. We interviewed Ross students, exchange students, and Ross Global Initiative’s Associate Dean about all of the great things that Ross and Ann Arbor has to offer. We are so excited for you to come study at Ross!

Course Registration

As an exchange student, you have the option to take business classes at the Ross School of Business and, potentially, non-business classes in other colleges at the University of Michigan. Please check with your home institution to ensure you are able to register for non-business classes while at U-M. You will be contacted by our…

Ross Application & U.S. Immigration

In order to participate in a semester exchange program at Ross, you will need to complete a series of steps through our application system, M-Compass.   Deadlines Please submit your application requirements by the deadline listed in your email from Global Initiatives. Once all items have been completed in M-Compass, your application will be processed for…


As you prepare for your semester exchange at the University of Michigan, we would like to share with you information that will help you adjust to academic life on campus. Please explore the following subpages to learn more about course registration, the academic calendar, books, and classroom culture.

Academic Calendar

Ross Academic Calendar Please refer to the Ross Academic Calendar on iMpact for information about when classes start and end each semester. You can find: U-M Academic Calendar Refer to the University of Michigan Academic Calendar for information about when non-Ross classes start and end each semester.  Ross Exam Schedule Depending on what day and time your class meets during the…


The University of Michigan is home to over 40,000 students, but Ann Arbor is a small city. Therefore, housing in Ann Arbor can be very limited, especially during the Fall semester. We strongly recommend that you begin searching for available housing as soon as possible. 6 Things You Should Know Off-Campus housing Off-campus housing is…

Classroom Culture

The classroom experience at the University of Michigan will likely be different from your home university. Here are some tips for a successful classroom experience:  Classroom Etiquette in the U.S. Professors & GSIs Office Hours Success in the Classroom Classroom Participation & Attendance  Final Grades and Transcripts

Arrival & Orientation

Arrival in Michigan, USA! When you land in Michigan, you will most likely be arriving at the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW). Ann Arbor is approximately a 35-minute drive away.  There are a few options to get from Detroit Metro Airport to Ann Arbor.  You can also check the last date of exams to plan for your departure.  While…

Academic Accommodations

For students with disabilities In the United States, a number of laws exist at the national, state and local level to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination and to provide additional accommodations as necessary. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, students studying at…

Life in Ann Arbor

Consistently ranked as one of the best universities and college towns in the United States, Ann Arbor is a nationwide favorite! It boasts some of the greatest restaurants in the country, a highly educated population, and a serious entrepreneurial spirit. Of course, you can’t deny the city’s unparalleled pride for its sports teams – the…

Important Departments

The University of Michigan is a large university consisting of several different offices serving unique roles. As you acclimate to life in Ann Arbor, you will begin to see how our various offices work with you as a student. Here you can read about the various offices to help you better understand your main resources…

Departing the U.S.

Departing the United States: Immigration check out If you are returning home, or moving to another city in the U.S., you will need to make extensive, detailed arrangements to not only update your immigration information at U-M, but also to prepare for leaving Ann Arbor in general. Please consult the International Center’s departure website for more details…