2. UM ID & Uniqname


  • Once you have completed your application in M-Compass, your Global Education Advisor will work with Ross Admissions to admit you to the University of Michigan. 
  • You will receive your UMID number via email once you have successfully been admitted. Read this email carefully for next steps.
  • This is an 8-digit number, and it is your University of Michigan identification number.


  • You will receive an email asking you to create a “uniqname” with your UMID number. 
  • Your uniqname is your University of Michigan computing ID and will be part of your permanent email address. (Your U-M email address will be YourUniqname@umich.edu.)

Note that some offices on campus will only communicate with you through your U-M email address. In particular, the Ross Registrar’s Office will send you information about course registration only to your U-M email address. Therefore, it is in your best interest to create your uniqname as soon as possible and begin checking your U-M email account regularly.

Checking your U-M email

  1. Visit email.umich.edu
  2. Log in with your uniqname (just your uniqname, not the “@umich.edu” portion of your email address)
  3. Enter your password

The U-M email system is based on Google (Gmail).