Cross-Cultural Activities

  • Consider the programming offered on television and radio. What does it tell you about the culture and/or its values? How does this compare with your home culture?
  • Take a different form of transportation whose circuit covers parts of the city that you do not normally see. What did you see/learn that travel by your traditional means has not shown you?
  • Go to a grocery store or market, and look around at the merchandise. In what ways is this store like/unlike a typical grocery store or market in your hometown? Create a reasonable weekly grocery shopping list, assuming that you are buying for just yourself. Include all necessities, and be sure to account for main dishes, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and so on. Write the price next to each item based on the prices you encounter. Now analyze the total cost. How does it compare with what you might pay at home? How can you explain any difference?
  • Tour a local museum. Choose a particular work in the museum that interests you. Would you likely find anything similar in a museum in your hometown or country?
  • Find out how local citizens get driver’s licenses. How does the process work? Where do they learn to drive? How long does the process take? How much does it cost? How does the overall process compare to the system in your home country?
  • Attend a sporting event, and describe it. Does this sport exist in your home country? If so, are there any differences in the way it is played, viewed, and so forth? What role does this sport seem to play in the local culture?