Stories From Past Students

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What did you find most surprising about your academic experience?

  • “High ambition level”
  • “Intensity of class discussions”
  • “The way students were so open about sharing their thoughts with the class”
  • “Different culture around academic expectations…much higher…”
  • “Reading load–I had no idea that students were actually expected to read everything because this was not expected at my home university”
  • “Pop quizzes”
  • “Professors were very motivated”

If you were able to talk to a new exchange student, what cultural advice would you recommend?

  • “To have an open heart and mind and not judge too quickly, to allow for the possibility that your own culture is not always preferable to the American or whichever ‘other’ culture.”
  • “Don’t just stick with those from your home country. You will gain a lot more from the experience if you mix with those from other countries and, most of all, Americans.”
  • “I would definitely recommend they learn as much as they can from the various cultures they have the possibility to interact with.”
  • “Not to be afraid to ask/talk to the American students to find out more; you will discover many interesting things you never knew.”
  • “Word usage is different, and Americans have very specific words for things that may be confusing to others.”
  • “Get involved with as much as you can on campus- join clubs and sport teams. Organize tickets to football games etc.”