Things to Know


Food prices in the United States are not fixed and can vary by store. Be sure to compare prices for the same item at multiple stores before you purchase.


Sales tax is not included on the sticker price of an item in stores but is calculated at checkout and added to the final bill. Michigan’s sales tax is 6% for all items except for groceries, medicine, and periodical publications like newspapers and magazines.

Shopping Resources

Small grocery stores and small boutiques are located within walking distance to campus and downtown Ann Arbor. Larger stores, such as Meijer, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Briarwood Mall, are accessible by AATA bus and will have discounted prices on a variety of products. Lucky’s Market is the closest main grocer within walking distance of Central Campus (approximately 20 minutes from Ross). You can also opt to order groceries online and have them delivered via services such as InstaCart, Shipt, or Delivice. 

Map of Popular Grocery Stores

  • Aldi- $
  • Meijer- $$
  • Kroger- $$
  • Trader Joe’s- $$
  • Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market- $$
  • Whole Foods- $$$
  • Target- $$$
  • Lucky’s Market- $$$
  • People’s Co-op- $$$

International Groceries