1. M-Compass Application & Required Documents

What is M-Compass?

M-Compass is U-M’s education abroad application management system. It is used by two groups:

  1. U-M students who are searching for U-M abroad experiences.
  2. Nominated students from our partner institutions (you!) who need to complete the application process for studying at U-M. 

How to access and use M-Compass?

  1. Using the information your home school coordinator provided, Ross Global Initiatives will create an international exchange application for you in M-Compass.  
  2. After Ross creates your application in M-Compass, you will receive an automated email message from M-Compass giving you a temporary password.
    • The temporary password will only be valid for three (3) days. 
    • If you miss the 3-day window, you will need to request a new temporary password from global.engagement@umich.edu
    • Make sure that emails received from m-compass@umich.edu are not blocked or sent directly to a spam or junk folder!
  3. Once you have received your temporary password, follow the steps in the guide below for creating your M-Compass account and accessing your application.

Guide for Logging in to M-Compass and Accessing your Exchange Application: 

Please check back soon for the guide!

M-Compass application requirements

All requirements for your enrollment into Ross and your U.S. student visa must be submitted through M-Compass. 

1. Ross Incoming Exchange Application 

2. Passport Information Questionnaire (Copy of the photo/ID page of your passport)

If your dependents (spouse/children) will accompany you as F-2 dependents, you will also need to submit copies of the photo/ID page of their passports.

3. Financial Resource Statement: 

  • The Financial Resource Statement is used to generate your F-1 visa paperwork. If you plan to have your dependents accompany you to Ann Arbor, you will need to account for them financially on the document and in your supporting financial documentation.
  • Affidavit of Financial Resources: If your parent/relative/friend is financially sponsoring your studies at the Ross School of Business, be sure to include their current bank statement along with the completed and signed Affidavit of Financial Resources statement (page 2 of the Financial Resource Statement).
    • Copy this template if you are self-financed
    • Copy this template if you are funding your term at Ross using additional resources (family, company sponsorship, etc.)
    • Copy this template if you and a sponsor will provide partial financial support
    • Copy this template if any dependents will be joining you during your term at Ross 
  • If you are currently in the United States on an F-1 visa, please indicate this on page 1 of the Financial Resource Statement and be prepared to email us copies of: your most recent I-20, your I-94, and your visa.
  • If you are currently in the United States on another visa (F-2, J-1, B-2, etc.), please indicate this on page 1 of the Financial Resource Statement and be prepared to email us copies of your immigration documents (e.g. I-20 for F2; DS-2019 for J-1/J-2; I-797 for H-1B, H-4, L-1/L-2, etc.) and your most recent I-94.

4. Supporting Financial Documents*:

  • This document should be a bank statement or an official letter from your bank or your sponsor’s bank dated this month.  
  • It must be written in English and include the following:
    • First and last name of the account holder
    • Type of account (saving, checking. current account, etc.)
    • Account balance
    • Type of currency (EUR, USD, etc.) – please note that the dollar symbol ($) alone is not sufficient
    • Date (a statement or letter from the month you are filling out your M-Compass application in)
  • *A printout of your online bank record is fine as long as it includes all of this information. However, a screenshot of your online bank account is NOT acceptable.

5. Signature Documents: Ross Exchange Student Agreement & Ross Honor Policy

6. Learning Content: Ross Incoming Exchange Helpful Information

Do’s & don’ts for financial documents


  • DO: Submit document in English. 
  • DO: Submit a certified English translation if your financial institution cannot provide a document in English. 


  • DO: Make sure full name of account holder(s) is listed on document.
  • DO: Match name of account holder(s) on document to who is sponsoring you on the Financial Resource Statement (e.g. yourself, your family, etc.) 


  • DO: Make sure unit of currency is specified (CNY, EUR, USD, etc.)
  • DON’T: List just “$” or say Dollars, as this could refer to different types of currency (e.g. Australian Dollar, US Dollar). 

Account Type

  • DO: Provide account type, such as savings, checking, current account, etc. 
  • DO: Have an account which is a liquid asset (can be withdrawn from easily). 
  • DON’T: Provide documents of stocks, investments, etc. 
  • DON’T: Have an account that is only accessible to withdraw funds from after the first day of the semester. 

Account Balance:

  • DO: Make sure account balance is clearly listed. 


  • DO: Make sure date is listed on the document from this month
  • DON’T: Provide a document that is earlier than 90 days from the start of the semester. 

Sample Financial Document TEMPLATE


  1. Please work to submit your application requirements by the deadline listed in your email from Global Initiatives. 
  2. Once all items have been completed in M-Compass, your application will be processed for admission to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business as a non-degree seeking exchange student.  
  3. Late applications may delay the admissions process and your access to the course registration system.