3. I-20 Process

After you have been admitted into Ross, we will submit your application to the University of Michigan’s International Center. The advisors in the International Center are the visa and immigration experts on campus. They will review your application and required documents and will process your I-20 form. This is a form that you will need to apply for your F-1 visa.

There are several steps the U-M International Center must take to generate your I-20 form. Please note that this process can take several weeks, so do not worry if you have not heard from us in a while. If there are any problems with your application, we will reach out and let you know.

Once the International Center has processed your I-20, an electronic copy will be uploaded to your M-Passport portal, which you can then access and download.

Your I-20 is a very important document.  You will need a printed copy to apply for your visa, cross the border when initially arriving in the US, re-enter the US if you travel internationally while studying at Ross, and if you ever apply for any future visas to the United States.

Keep all of your I-20 forms FOREVER.