Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ross Application & Immigration Questions

M-Compass is U-M’s education abroad application management system. U-M students use it to search for programs for their own education abroad experiences, and nominated students from our partner institutions use it to complete the process for applying to study at U-M. 

Go to and click on the “Non-UM Log-In” on the top right corner of the page. Your username is your email address.

No, the “Forgot my password” link is only available after you have set up your permanent password. You need to email and request a new temporary password.

Ross Global Initiatives will process your applications, and then we will work with the International Center to finalize and send your documents as soon as we are able to. Once your application materials have been reviewed and accepted, they will be submitted to the International Center for processing. This could take three to four weeks to be completed, and the document will be uploaded to the M-Passport portal when it is finished. You will receive an invitation to log in, and you can then download and print your I-20 to bring to your visa appointment. You will be sent your acceptance letter along with your invitation to log-in to M-Compass. 

This is found on page 2 of the Financial Resource Statement. You can find this form in the “Questionnaire(s)” section in M-Compass.

That’s okay. Instead of creating a bank statement in English, many banks can write an official letter or certificate with your banking information. This will be sufficient too, as long as the required components are included.

There is no concrete approval date, as there are several steps the International Center must take to generate your I-20. Please note that this process can take several weeks, so do not worry if you have not heard from us in a while. If there are any problems with your application, we will reach out and let you know.

You will not be mailed a hard copy of your I-20, but will instead receive an electronic copy. Once your I-20 is ready, you will receive an email from the International Center with information to log into the portal. You will then be able to download and print the document.

It is not required for students to be in their home country to apply for their visa, though it is strongly encouraged whenever it is possible. 

Changing your visa status while in the USA is not feasible or advisable due to the processing time and likelihood of denial. 

The University of Michigan’s International Center are the visa experts on campus. They have helpful information about student visas here. They also have a number of topics relevant to international students on the rest of their website. When reaching out to the International Center, tell them your name, home institution, that you are coming in the Winter semester to Ross Business School, and that you are non-degree seeking. This information will help them to assist you. 

Once you have created your uniqname and U-M email address, watch out for information from the Ross Registrar’s Office and our office. To prepare for course registration, you can look through course descriptions here. If the upcoming term is not yet available, you can review previous years’ courses and check back soon. 

Remember to review the Glossary as well!

Pre-Arrival Questions

Your uniqname is your U-M user name. It is used for logging in to U-M websites, online services, systems, and more. Uniqnames are made up of three to eight alphabetic characters (for example, bjensen). Your U-M email address will be (for example, Your uniqname is public. It appears on your Mcard, in your MCommunity Directory profile, and in many other records at the University. 

Wolverine Access is a U-M website that is used by current students to register for classes, update personal details (address, phone number, etc.), order transcripts, and much more!

To change your address, go to Wolverine Access and click on the Student Business link. After logging in with your uniqname and password, you will see a box titled “Campus Personal Information.” Click this box and choose the Address tab on the left side. The system allows you to set separate current and permanent addresses and phone number. Maintaining up-to-date contact information is your responsibility, and we recommend updating your address and phone number before the term begins. If your name, identification number, or date of birth is incorrect, please let Global Initiatives know at

You should consult Wolverine Access to confirm that all personal information, such as address, phone number, and emergency contacts, is correct. Incorrect information can be changed online or by contacting Global Initiatives. You will also register for classes in Wolverine Access by following instructions that are sent to you via email from the Ross Registrar’s Office.

iMpact is the Ross School of Business Web Portal. On this site you can view course descriptions, review the academic calendar, reserve study rooms, and much more!

Yes, it is possible to take courses in other departments on campus if your home school allows. You will want to work with a Ross Academic Advisor to register once the registration period opens. Some courses may have specific prerequisites, which you will need to ensure that you meet. Additionally, some courses require that you contact the instructor directly to ask permission to take the class. Again, the advisors at Ross can help you through that process when the time comes.

We recommend students arrive 2-3 days before Orientation. This helps students adjust to the time change and allows flexibility in case you have flight delays/cancellations.

We encourage you to submit your photo for your MCard online prior to your arrival. You will receive an email with more details several weeks before your semester begins. If you submit your photo online by the deadline, you can pick up your MCard at Orientation. If you do not submit your photo by the deadline, you will need to go to one of the ID issuing stations to get your MCard once arriving on campus. You will need to bring both a photo ID (passport or driver’s license) and your U-M ID number.

On-Campus and Campus Life Questions

Your Global Education Advisor on the Ross Global Initiatives team can can help you confirm your course enrollment and will be able to sign learning agreements, course confirmation forms, etc. You can either email your form electronically or drop it off in Kresge Hall, K3510.

Your health insurance will be billed directly to your University of Michigan student account each month of your semester. You do not need to pay before arriving. Note that you are unable to pay for charges on your U-M student account with a credit card, so please plan to pay this fee in cash, by check, by an ePayment, or by wire transfer.

BBAs can find a full list of clubs here. A resource to identify which clubs are open to BBA exchange students can be found here

MBAs can find a list of clubs here

As an exchange student at Ross, you have access to many of CDO’s resources. Below you will find all of the links and details you’ll need to get started. The UM Career Center also has numerous resources available to support your search and career development as a student at UM.

The following are Ross CDO services accessible to Exchange Students: **If you have issues logging into Ross Recruit using your UM credentials, please contact and we’ll sort it out!

International exchange students with US citizenship can enroll in the UM Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan. You can enroll in this plan via this link. For more information related to this insurance plan or how to enroll in it, please contact University Health Service (, CLIENTSERVICES@RELATIONINSURANCE.COM). 

You can buy tickets on the Michigan Ticket Department website or in person. We recommend purchasing a Student Ticket, which may be cheaper (but remember to bring your MCard to the game!). You can also ask a current student! Many current students hold season tickets and can tell you how you can purchase a ticket to an individual game. Additionally, you can look on U-M Facebook groups, like a “University of Michigan Class of 20__” Facebook Group, or the Buying and Selling Tickets Umich Facebook Group.

Some F-1 students can work in the U.S., however, there are various restrictions on the type of work authorization available to F-1 students. The types of work authorization for F-1 students are on-campus employment, curricular practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT).  Students would be immediately eligible for on-campus employment upon arrival in the U.S. in F-1 status. On-campus employment refers specifically to employment working directly for U-M on-campus in Ann Arbor: CPT/OPT does allow some students to work or engage in training for off-campus entities.  Unfortunately, Ross Global Initiatives exchange students do not qualify for CPT or OPT for since Ross Global Initiatives students are classified as F-1 non-degree students meaning that they are not being conferred a degree by U-M.  F-1 students must be enrolled in a degree seeking program at U-M to qualify for CPT or OPT.  

I have a question that isn’t listed here. What should I do? 

When in doubt, contact the Global Initiatives team at We’re here to help!