Buying Books for Classes

University of Michigan – Online Bookstore

  • Official online bookstore of University of Michigan.  
  • Allows you to shop for your course materials and textbooks, sell your used books for cash, and access your digital materials. 
  • You can list specific courses and the search results will automatically pull required books. 

On-Campus bookstores

  • Textbooks from on-campus stores are usually more expensive, but you are guaranteed to get exactly what you need. Be prepared that books and course materials in general may be more expensive than you are used to. 
  • Some stores provide the option to rent new textbooks, but the books must be returned by the end of the semester, and a credit card is required for the rental agreement.

Barnes & Nobles (Michigan Union)

Barnes & Nobles (North Campus)


  • Some classes may require “coursepacks” (collection of articles, book chapters, case studies, etc.) in digital or printed formats. 
  • Most coursepacks can be accessed through your Canvas course site. 
  • Payment:
    • Course Fee: The cost of all digital materials is added to students’ tuition as a “course fee.” If the course fee is applied, students receive access to the material within Canvas. They may begin using the materials right away by clicking the StudyNet navigation link in the Canvas course site.  
    • When you register for courses, under “enrollment information”, you will see whether or not there are additional fees associated with the course. See the highlighted portion for the image below. A “Y” indicates that, yes, there are fees associated with the course. An “N” indicates that there are no additional fees associated with the course. 
  • Student-Pay: All digital materials and TEXTPAKs must be purchased with a credit card. To make their purchase, students must click the StudyNet navigation link in the Canvas course site and follow directions on Study.Net’s e-commerce site.
  • Alternatively, some classes may require coursepacks that can be purchased by the student at Dollar Bill Copying at 611 Church Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. 
  • More information: Check out Kresge Library Services Course Materials


  • Buying your books online can be a lot cheaper, but sometimes delivery takes longer, and you must ensure you purchase the right book required for your class.
  • Tip: Depending on the class, you may be able to buy an earlier edition of the textbook for a lower price. Ask your professor if this is an option for you. 
  • Below are some websites students use for purchasing books: