As you prepare for your semester exchange at the University of Michigan, we would like to share with you information that will help you adjust to academic life on campus. Please explore the following subpages to learn more about course registration, the academic calendar, books, and classroom culture.

Course Registration

As an exchange student, you have the option to take business classes at the Ross School of Business and, potentially, non-business classes in other colleges at the University of Michigan. Please check with your home institution to ensure you are able to register for non-business classes while at U-M. You will be contacted by our…

Academic Calendar

Ross Academic Calendar Please refer to the Ross Academic Calendar on iMpact for information about when classes start and end each semester. You can find: U-M Academic Calendar Refer to the University of Michigan Academic Calendar for information about when non-Ross classes start and end each semester.  Ross Exam Schedule Depending on what day and time your class meets during the…

Classroom Culture

The classroom experience at the University of Michigan will likely be different from your home university. Here are some tips for a successful classroom experience:  Classroom Etiquette in the U.S. Professors & GSIs Office Hours Success in the Classroom Classroom Participation & Attendance  Final Grades and Transcripts

Academic Accommodations

For students with disabilities In the United States, a number of laws exist at the national, state and local level to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination and to provide additional accommodations as necessary. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, students studying at…