IT Equipment Ordering

Ross IT wants to partner with you to purchase your IT equipment. We offer a variety of ways in which we can assist you.

Due to COVID-19 order processing and shipping may be delayed.
We will do our best to keep you informed if there are delays with the order.

Step 1: Determining Appropriate IT Equipment

Not sure what you need or where to start with your equipment?

  • Ross IT provides a consultation service where you can meet with one of our desktop techs and talk through what you want to do or might need. To request this service, call us at 5-3000 or email and we will schedule a session with you.

Want to know the recommended IT equipment?

Step 2:  Equipment Purchase: (IT Hardware – Laptop, PC, Tablet, and Monitor)

We are happy to discuss options with you in any IT equipment purchase. When you work with Ross IT, we take care of the following items that are part of the purchase.

Ross IT – Equipment Purchase

  • Possible price discount – Some university-approved vendors offer a discount on IT equipment, and because we work with them, we can utilize the discount if available.
  • No Sales Tax – Because it is a University purchase, we don’t have to pay sales tax.
  • Shipping Costs – We do not have to pay a shipping cost for the delivery because we are working with an approved vendor.
  • Short Code Billing – We will facilitate this process on your behalf and have the purchase charged to your shortcode.
  • Hardware Warranty – With an equipment purchase, we make sure that an extended warranty (3-4 yrs.) is purchased, so repairs on the device are covered beyond the 1-2 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Support – Because we set up the device with an extended warranty, repairs can be quicker when working with the vendor.
  • Hardware Inventory – We track equipment as part of being a university asset. Because we manage the purchase process, we will have that information to put in the database, so no further information is needed.

Self- Purchase

Please do not purchase IT equipment with personal funds or your P-card as they are not reimbursable. 

See your Area Administrator with questions on purchasing IT equipment.  Or, you can call Ross IT at (734) 615-3000

or submit an email to

Step 3:  Shipping

We also help facilitate the delivery of your IT equipment.

  • Ship to Ross IT – if an item is shipped to us, we will take care of receiving it, taking care of inventory tracking, getting it set up, and then scheduling a time for you to receive the equipment.

Last Updated on April 29, 2022