Course Bidding Timetable

Course Bidding is an internal Ross system which allows particular student types to bid on individual sections of business electives and floating core courses before registration opens in Wolverine Access. Rising MBA2s bid on their Fall classes in March. MBAs, MAccs, MBANs, MMs, and MSCMs bid on their Winter classes in November.

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Course Bidding Timetable

Please note that students with a Financial Hold (or any other hold which prevents registration) will not be automatically placed into the course bidding system. 

Student Type Learn More!Course Bidding BeginsCourse Bidding EndsStudents who clear their hold (if applicable) MUST email Ross RO before this date & time to indicate that the financial hold has been lifted. Bid results available for viewingRegistration appointment times begin to open via Wolverine Access
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March 14
12 pm
March 26

12 pm

March 26

10 am

March 29April 3-5

*Paying Tuition, and Clearing Holds 

If you have/had a “negative service indicator” or Financial Hold, then the following are the essential steps to take in order to register: clearing bills, lifting your holds, and informing the Ross Registrar’s Office that your hold has been lifted. To clear your hold, contact Student Financial Operations at (734) 764-7447. After clearing your financial hold and contacting the Ross Registrar’s Office, you will be manually added to the course bidding system.

You must have your Financial Hold cleared (not temporarily lifted) and contact the Ross Registrar’s Office ( or 734.647.4933) by 8am on the last day of bidding in order to participate in bidding.