Junior BBAs, Class of 2025: Registration Information for Winter 2024

As you prepare for registration, we expect you will schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your academic goals and plan for Winter 2024, and to ensure you are meeting degree requirements.  Be sure to review all of the information below carefully!

Registration Planning: Get Ready

General registration will open on November 16 for undergraduates and the University catalog and the schedule of classes for Winter 2024 is available now.  Be sure to review the schedule and the information below before registration opens.

Q. How do I find out which courses are being offered and when?

A. As of October 16, you can view the full University schedule (including Ross and non-Ross courses) on Wolverine Access, or via the Office of the Registrar. Also refer to the LSA Course Guide if you are looking for courses to fulfill distribution.

Q. I want to have a “concentration.” Which business electives do I need to take?

A. Remember that Ross does not have official concentrations or majors. As a BBA, you are required to take a minimum of 58.0 credits of Ross coursework (including business electives and the required fixed core, floating core, and your business capstone).  You have the flexibility to select the electives that will best fit your interests and goals.

Q. How can I learn more about elective options?

A. The Elective Options page is a valuable resource for learning more about courses you are considering, and includes links to course descriptions, syllabi archives, information published by the academic departments, and course evaluations.  A list of Winter 2024 business elective options can be found here – please note that course offerings are subject to change so the list may be updated periodically.

Q.  What other academic opportunities can I explore?

A. Ross BBA students may study abroad through Ross Global Initiatives and CGIS, participate in the Carson Scholars Washington Campus Program, become involved in Center for Positive Organizations Programs, develop leadership skills through Sanger Leadership Center immersions and communities, compete in case competitions, and become involved in clubs and organizations.

More information on how different study abroad opportunities may affect your registration can be found here.

Core Requirements: Get Set 

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are registering for and completing the appropriate requirements (e.g., distribution, floating core, business electives, etc.) outside of the BBA core.

Q. How do I know which degree requirements I have or haven’t completed?

A. Review the core curriculum. You can track your progress using the Degree Requirements Checklist and access a degree audit of your record under “Academic Requirements” in your Student Center on Wolverine Access. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor periodically to discuss your academic plan and ensure you are on track for graduation. Dual degree students will need to schedule a “BBA Dual Degree Advising/Issues” appointment with their advisor.

Q. When should I complete my floating core classes?

A. All floating core classes (BE 300, FIN 300, MKT 300, and TO 300) must be completed before you begin the Winter term of your Senior year.  If you are studying abroad during Junior Winter, you will not be able to take any floating core classes while abroad so your remaining floating core classes must be completed during Senior Fall.  If you are not studying abroad during Junior Winter, you can complete your floating core classes anytime between Junior Winter and Senior Fall.

General Registration: Go!

Q. When is my registration appointment time?

A. The University assigns registration appointment times for undergraduate students between November 16 and December 1. The times are determined by the credits completed, and then are randomly assigned. You can view your assigned time on Wolverine Access starting Monday, November 6.

Q. Do I need to use the backpack feature on Wolverine Access before registration opens?

A. We recommend using it, but it is not required. Beginning November 6, you can add classes to your “Backpack” in Wolverine Access. Backpacking courses allows you to quickly add those classes all at once when your registration appointment time opens. However, be aware that backpacking does not reserve a seat for you in the class – it is simply a way to put the course in your “shopping cart” so that you can “check-out” quickly. If a class in your backpack is full when your registration time opens, you may waitlist yourself, and/or select an alternate open class at that time.

Q. Do I have to register exactly at my appointment time, and when does my registration close?

A. Some classes will fill quickly, or seats may be opened to non-Ross students after registration has been open for a week or more, so it is to your advantage to register when your appointment time opens. Once your appointment time opens, you can continue to make changes until the drop/add deadlines for Winter 2024.

Important Rules and Policies: What You Need to Know 

It is each student’s responsibility to review the course registration rules and policies carefully.

Q. I still have questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

A.  If you have questions regarding course selection or degree requirements, please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor through our academic advising appointment system. Academic advisors are also holding virtual drop-in hours during the Fall semester, Monday-Friday from 2-3:30 p.m. for quick advising questions or urgent issues. Check this page on iMpact for information on how to join the drop-in advising queue.

You can also schedule a Peer Academic Advising appointment to speak with one of the Ross Academic Peer Advisors or visit them during their drop-in hours.

For assistance with forms and letter requests, permissions, registration troubleshooting, and other processes, please contact the Ross Registrar’s Office by phone (734-647-4933) or email (rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu).