Dual Degree Opportunities : Law

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and the Law School offer a dual degree that enables students to pursue concurrent work in Business Administration and Law, leading to the MBA and JD degrees.

The MBA/JD Dual Degree is arranged so that all requirements for both degrees are completed in four years of enrollment. The degrees are awarded simultaneously. This combined degree program is not open to students who have already earned either the MBA or JD degrees. Students registered in the first year of either program may apply, and Fall start law students may apply in their second year as well.

Students admitted to this dual degree program must satisfy the following degree requirements:

1) The MBA 57 credit hour degree program including:

45 Business Administration Credits, made up of:

      • Roughly 30 credit hours of MBA core (no credit is awarded for Business

Administration core courses successfully waived; credit must be earned with Business electives);

      • Roughly 15 elective hours in Business Administration;

      • MBA Communication Requirement.

2) The JD degree program requires students to earn a minimum of 83 credits toward the JD, comprised of:  

• At least 71 credits earned in Law School courses, including various specific curricular requirements as set forth in The University of Michigan Law School Academic Regulations for J.D. Students.

The dual degree program may begin with studies in either school. Each school will apply its own deferred admission standards to students who elect to take the first year in the other school. In year four, the student will attend courses in both programs. Tuition will be assessed at either the Law School or Business School, whichever is higher, when courses toward both degrees are taken in one term. Students should see counselors in both programs to arrange an appropriate plan of study. No coursework completed prior to admission in either program may be counted toward the MBA or JD requirements of the dual degree program.

Applicants interested in the MBA/JD combined program must file separate applications to and be admitted by both schools. Applicants must indicate on both applications that they are applying for this specific dual degree program.

Applicants must submit test scores or a Statement of Academic Readiness for admission to Michigan’s Ross School of Business.  More information can be found here. The LSAT is required for admission to the Law School.

For basic information about the Law and Business Administration (JD/MBA) program, please visit the Law School web site.