Rising Senior BBAs, Class of 2025: Registration Information for Fall 2024

As you prepare for the upcoming registration process, we expect you to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your academic goals and plan for Fall 2024, and to ensure you are meeting degree requirements.  Please be sure to review all of the information below carefully!

For quick reference, here is the list of Fall 2024 business electives.

Degree Requirements: Avoid the Final Semester Surprise

Ross will enroll you into your required Fall 2024 BBA core course (STRATEGY 390) before registration begins. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you complete the appropriate courses and credits (e.g., distribution, business electives, non-business credits, etc.) for your degree. If you have not fulfilled your requirements by the end of Winter 2025, including any remaining floating core, you will not graduate. Don’t get caught with a missing requirement halfway through your last term – make sure that you are aware of your remaining requirements and register for them in advance.

Q. How do I know which degree requirements I have or haven’t completed?

A. Review the BBA core curriculum, track your progress using the Degree Requirements Checklist, and access a degree audit of your record under “Academic Requirements” in your Student Center on Wolverine Access. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor periodically to discuss your academic plan and ensure you are on track for graduation. Dual Degree students will need to schedule a “BBA Dual Degree Advising/Issues” appointment with their advisor.

Q. When do I need to complete my floating core classes?

A. You must complete all four floating core classes (BE 300, FIN 300, MKT 300, TO 300) by the end of the Fall 2024 semester in order to be eligible for a Capstone course in Winter 2025. Unlike with STRATEGY 390, the Ross Registrar’s Office will not automatically register you for your remaining floating core classes. It is up to you to make sure you know which floating core classes you have remaining (see instructions for running a degree audit in question above) and to make sure you register for them as soon as your registration appointment opens since these classes can and will fill throughout the registration window. You do not have a seat reserved for you in your remaining floating core class(es). If you do not complete all four floating core classes before your Capstone, you will not be able to automatically proceed into your Capstone course in your Senior Winter, which will delay your ability to graduate on time.

Q. Is there a way I can begin my capstone experience in Fall 2024?

A. The capstone courses are offered in Winter 2025.  One possible option for students to begin the capstone experience in Fall 2024 is as follows:

BA 480: Senior Seminar (Thesis) – 6 credits
The BA 480 Senior Capstone thesis course awards 3 business elective credits in Fall 2024 and 3 capstone credits in Winter 2025.  Instructor consent is required for registration.  BA 480 is reserved for BBA Seniors.  Feel free to review the BA 480 Senior Capstone Thesis Information Session materials for more details. If you are eligible and interested in enrolling, please send the following documents to Professor Burcu Tasoluk (btasoluk@umich.edu): a) your current resume, and b) a “statement of interest” outlining your broad research area and explaining why you would like to fulfill your capstone requirement by enrolling in this course and writing a Senior thesis.

Q. If I don’t complete the IDO requirement, will I graduate?

A. No.  BBA Seniors must complete their “O” milestone in order to graduate.  You will complete your Organizations Milestone through an online Canvas module prior to attending a co-curricular peer-led discussion session and corresponding reflection paper. Additional details about the Organizations Milestone, including how to sign up for your session and turn in your paper, will be available on Canvas during the Fall semester. You can also reference the BBA Bulletin, talk with your academic advisor, or reach out to BBAmilestone@umich.edu.

Q. Is it true that I can waive my BE 300 floating core course?

A. Possibly.  If you have successfully completed ECON 401 at UM-Ann Arbor with a final grade of A- or higher, you can request to waive the BE 300 floating core requirement. To make such a request, you must complete and submit the BE 300 Core Course Waiver form to the Ross Registrar’s Office (rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu) by the end of your Junior Winter term.  Please note: this waiver signifies that you have met competency in the material and does not grant credit. Therefore, if you waive BE 300, you will need to complete additional business coursework to earn the 58.0 credits required for the BBA degree. If you have any questions about this waiver option and/or your remaining degree requirements, please contact your academic advisor.

Q. Does Ross offer any Spring term courses?

A. Yes.  You can check the course catalog on Wolverine Access for Spring term course offerings.  The Ross “Maymester” term is an abbreviated Spring term, running May 7 through May 31, 2024, whereby rising Juniors and Seniors can take a Ross business course.  The course available during Maymester 2024 is BE 300 (3.0 credits). More information on Maymester can be found here.

General Registration

You may use the University’s general registration process on Wolverine Access to register for your Fall 2024 courses.

Q. When is my appointment time?

A. The University assigns registration appointment times for undergraduate students beginning on Monday, April 8. The times are determined by the credits completed, and then are randomly assigned. You can view your assigned time on Wolverine Access starting Wednesday, March 27.

Q. Do I need to use backpack before registration opens?

A. We advise students to backpack the classes they plan to take using Wolverine Access each semester. You may begin backpacking classes for Fall 2024 as early as Wednesday, March 27 at 9 AM. Be aware that backpacking does not reserve a seat for you in the class – it is simply a way to put the course in your “shopping cart” so that you can “check-out” quickly. If a class in your backpack is full when your registration time opens, you may waitlist yourself, and/or select an alternate open section at that time.

Q. Do I have to register exactly at my appointment time? When does my registration close?

A. Some classes will fill quickly, or seats may be opened to non-Ross students after registration has been open for a week or more, so it is to your advantage to register when your appointment time opens. Once your appointment time opens, you can continue to make changes until the drop/add deadlines for Fall 2024.

Q. How do I find out what non-Ross courses are being offered?

A. You can view the full University schedule (including Ross and non-Ross courses) on Wolverine Access, or via the Office of the Registrar. Also refer to the LSA Course Guide if you are looking for courses to fulfill distribution.

Q. How can I learn more about elective options?

A. The Elective Options page is a valuable resource for learning more about courses you are considering and includes links to course descriptions, syllabi archives, information published by the academic departments, and course evaluations.  A list of business electives for Fall 2024 can be found here – please note that course offerings are subject to change so the list may be updated periodically.

Core Course Swap Info

Q. I need to swap a course. What do I do next?

A. Students who would like to swap a course will need to complete and submit the Core Course Swap Request Form.  This form will ask you to indicate which sections of a course will work in your schedule. We will match requests one to one on a first-come, first-serve basis, conditional on availability of a match. The more sections you indicate as working in your schedule, the more likely your swap will be completed. To submit a swap request is to commit to swap and, once a swap has been processed and permissions to enroll in the new section have been entered into Wolverine Access, the commitment to swap is complete and the students must switch sections.  Since the student’s original seat is given to another student during the swap processing, any student wanting back into his/her original section after swaps have been processed will need to submit another swap request.  Please note that, although swap requests are processed regularly, there is no guarantee that a swap request will be processed, and students are encouraged to have a back-up plan in place in consultation with their academic advisor.

Q. How long will it take to complete the swap? How long do I have to submit the form?

A. This depends on the number of swap requests received, as well as whether or not there are eligible swap partners in the pool.  The link to the course swap request form will be posted to the bottom of this page on April 19.

Q. What should I do if I have a documented disability, intercollegiate athletic obligation, official University or religious obligation, or a required course for my dual degree that conflicts with a core class?

A. Students who have conflicts with a core class due to a documented disability, intercollegiate athletic obligation, official University or religious obligation, or a required course for a dual degree, are asked to submit a course swap request form and provide a letter from the SSD office or his/her coach, advisor, or religious leader/organization via email to the Ross Registrar’s Office (rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu) so that they can review and process the necessary schedule adjustments where possible.

Important Rules and Policies: What You Need to Know

It is each student’s responsibility to review the course registration rules and policies carefully.

Q. I still have questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

A. If you have questions regarding course selection or degree requirements, please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor through our academic advising appointment system. Academic advisors are also holding virtual drop-in hours during the Winter semester, Monday-Friday from 2 – 3:30 p.m. You will be able to talk privately with an advisor for up to 15 minutes.  Please review this page for information on how to join the drop-in advising queue. You can also speak with one of the Ross Academic Peer Advisors during their drop-in hours. For assistance with forms and letter requests, permissions, registration troubleshooting, and other processes, please visit our help guide or contact the Ross Registrar’s Office via email (rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu).