BBA/BSI Dual Degree

I. Degree Requirements
II.  Degree Details
III.  Advising
IV.  Degree Forms

Specifics regarding dual degrees with Information and Business appear below.  For more general information about dual degrees, including overall dual degree requirements and application procedures, please refer to Ross’s web pages for Prospective StudentsApplicants, and Declared Dual Degree Students.

I.  Degree Requirements

Students pursuing a dual degree must apply and be accepted to both the Ross BBA and Bachelors of Science in Information programs. Students must be in good academic standing in order to pursue dual degrees.

Complete all BBA degree requirements:

  • 61 business credits (58 for students who entered the BBA program in Fall 2021 or earlier as First Year students or Fall 2022 or earlier as Sophomores), including fixed and floating core classes, capstone, and electives (see curriculum)
  • 54 non-business credits 

  • Three of four distribution area requirements.  Refer to the LSA Course Guide to see if a course meets the requirements for a distribution area.  Ross does not accept AP credits towards distribution.

    • Humanities Distribution (HU): 9 credits

    • Natural Sciences (NS) and/or Mathematical and Symbolic Analysis (MSA): 9 credits

    • Social Sciences (SS): 9 credits (excluding Econ 101 & 102)

    • Foreign Language Proficiency: Fourth-term proficiency in a foreign language is determined by successful completion of a proficiency examination administered by UM, or by completion of a fourth-semester college-level foreign language course. AP coursework which meets fourth-term proficiency fulfills this requirement. See the LSA Bulletin for further details.

Complete all Information degree requirements:

  • 45 SI credits minimum (all completed SI courses except SI 110 and SI 106), including:
    • SI 206
    • SI 301
    • SI 310
    • BSI Curricular Path (chosen in consultation with SI academic advisor)
    • BSI Final Project Course

Please consult with a School of Information academic advisor for complete details regarding Information requirements.  

Maintain minimum GPA requirements (check with your advisor in both schools for minimum requirements).

Complete 150 total credits (minimum).  

II.  Degree Details

  • Students may select either the Ross School of Business or the School of Information as their home school.  There are several things to consider when choosing a home school.  Please review the Home School FAQ document for more information and reach out to a dual degree advisor if you have further questions.

  • Students pursuing dual degrees may share a maximum of 9.0 credits of business courses needed to meet BBA degree requirements towards the requirements of the non-business major, per approval.

  • Students pursuing an academic minor may share a maximum of 3.0 credits of business courses needed to meet BBA requirements towards the requirements of the academic minor.

  • Consult with your academic advisor(s) for specific policies within your non-business major or minor.

  • Students will not graduate until an advisor from each degree program confirms completion of all necessary degree requirements.

III.  Advising

  • BBA degree advising is provided by a dual degree advisor in the Ross Office of Undergraduate Programs.

  • Information advising is provided by a School of Information advisor.

  • Students will not graduate until an advisor from each degree program confirms completion of all necessary degree requirements.

IV.  Degree Forms

Further Questions?

Schedule an appointment to discuss your questions with your Ross academic advisor. 

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